Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pros and Cons of 2011 Ideas for NaNo

Here are the ideas I'm considering for NaNoWriMo this year and the pros/cons of each idea. I may pick the top three and prep all three during October to figure out which one I want to do by November 1.

Young Adult

The female teen one: Pros - female main character is something different than what I usually write. Know the basic plot with room to flourish. Could be done as one pov or two, depending how I feel sounds better. Cons - Less practice with a female main character. No success yet with a YA novel during a month writing challenge. Would need research to get the cultural aspects exactly right.

Religious school with teen who doesn't fit in: Pros - New character and an idea that I've had bouncing in my head for almost a year. Different setting than my usual books with potential for 50k words.  Cons - Uncertain if it's the right book to do. Still a young adult book, which I don't have a success rate for yet.

Sequel to Tattle Tell: Pros - Characters I'm already familiar with from my second attempt at NaNo. Heightened stakes from book 1 so that there is plenty to write. One of my favorite series so far that I'm working on. Cons - Don't have plot completely figured out yet. It's a sequel and the first book hasn't been sent out yet. Failed when tried writing book 1 for NaNo.


Djinn type character trying to find his place: Dynamic characters with a cross of the features that were found in successful years. Most of plot is figured out with plenty of wiggle room. One viewpoint character. Cons - Plot isn't completely set. Uncertain whether this book is one for publishing or not. World still is questionable.

Urban Fantasy in Salt Lake City: An adult one with a female main character. A challenge from an urban fantasy tweet chat with fun prospects. Have lived in Utah and know some of the area plus will be visiting there soon. Cons - Haven't really written urban fantasy

Almost steampunk like story: Pros - Story I've had in my head for over a year. Started worldbuilding on this blog and in a word document. Looking forward to writing about fae characters. Fun character dynamics. Cons - Haven't finished the worldbuilding yet or even gotten close. Some questionable elements of the plot still.

Sequel to Standing Ground: Pros - The first book went very well for MarNo, since I wrote 67k. Noah is a great character that people love and the first book is almost ready to be sent out. Know how it begins exactly. Cons - Most of the plot isn't figured out yet. Again, a sequel when the first book hasn't been edited yet let alone sent out.


Sent to middle of nowhere: Pros - Have had success with a romance before. This is an older idea in comparison to some of the others. Know enough about the country to have the setting down. Cons - Another age difference romance when I haven't finished Thomas/Kyle. Plot is a bit iffy and don't know if the story stands out enough.


Raquel Byrnes said...

I vote for a romance, but I'm biased. :)I can't believe NaNo is coming up already. What will I do???
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Amie McCracken said...

Wow that's a lot of ideas to pick from! Have fun with NaNo.

Angelica Weatherby said...

Djinn! Wow a bunch of topics to pick out indeed. Pick your favorite and run is what I'll say. :) I will look forward to the NaNo prep challenge and be a cheerleader for you. :d

Dawn Embers said...

Raquel Byrnes - You pick romance? I'm shocked! lol.

Amie McCracken - I'm sure I will. NaNo is almost always super fun. And to think I narrowed the list down from 60 ideas. ;-)

Angelica Weatherby! - *waves hi* I like the Djinn but not sure it's developed enough. Oh so many ideas... I'm looking forward to the prep and cheering others on too.

February Grace said...

I've had NaNo on my mind so much lately- mostly because I've been able to do so little writing this year and I desperately want to finish the novel I started for last year's NaNo (it has a beginning, middle and ending, it needs fleshing out) so I may have to be a NaNo rebel this year and try to finish that one instead of starting something new. Of course it all depends upon my health on November 1- that will dictate the experience for me this year, like last year.

Good luck, whichever idea you decide on (and I too am partial to romance, but then it's my thing :~)


Denise Covey said...

Yay Dawn, I've been having lots of thoughts about NaNo this year. I got my story idea a few days ago and I'm tres excited! Love and war. Who can beat that eh?


Anonymous said...

Go Dawn. One neat thing about urban fantasy is you can pull from your real world ideas and then add to it. Whatever you choose will be a great challenge!

Dawn Embers said...

February Grace - I still haven't finished the novel I started last year, but it was more for me so it's on the back burner. I hope your health holds out this year and you get to write for NaNo.

Denise - Awesome that you have an idea. Love and war do make a good combination in writing.

Ransom -*waves hi* Thanks. That is true about urban fantasy, I'm just not used to writing it.


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