Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What to Write for NaNoWriMo

It is already almost time for National Novel Writing Month and I haven't picked out a novel yet. What do I write this year?

Quick recap of my NaNoWriMo attempts:

2006 - First year and I attempted a not so original story about the president's son and "special service" guy falling for each other. Wrote maybe a few thousand words.
2007 - Tried to write 20k words but only made it to about 15k on the teen mutant first book. It was in first person and took till 2009 for me to finish the very short first draft.
2008 - Changed directions and wrote the first draft of a romance/erotica novel based from a scene I developed from a dream I had. Made it to 50k during November and finished the last few thousand of the novel in December.
2009 - Didn't take part in NaNo though I wanted to but life interrupted.
2010 - Wrote 50k in 13 days of an epic fantasy novel. Still haven't finished the first draft.

2011 NaNoWriMo

What do I write this year? I have so many options that I'm not sure which one I am going to go with, but here are some potentials. I'm even going to categorize a little bit.

Young Adult

- Young female (middle eastern) is trying to find herself between the modern US world and the culture her family was raised upon. Her mom would like her to not forget their heritage but at times she thinks her mom old fashioned and holding her back. She finds herself transported to somewhere in the past, taking someone else's place. Modern has a different meaning and her new family is even more conservative. The mother is working on marrying her off. Yet in the world she finds friends to show her the way and begins to realize how much she took for granted certain aspects. And also learns to appreciate some of the old ways.

- Teen boy(gay) is kicked out of his school and the only place that will take him is a Christian school that is very small. At first he doesn't get along with anyone and struggles with himself along with worrying about going to court for his past issues. Teacher guy tries to help by making him join the band that performs for their church sessions on sundays and other days. He is given the electric guitar to play. Has no idea what's going on or how the group actually competes and that it's a big deal at first. It does give him something to focus on since he likes music even though it's all Christian music.

- Sequel to Tattle Tell
Ephram and Isaac are still friends and on a new adventure. New schools, keeping secrets and trying to make friends while figuring out themselves as they get older. They are now 15 and without parents to help, they have a lot to figure out. Plus they have a new goal: to help other mutants from discrimination and pain but it's not an easy goal.


- Djinn type MC that is hunted unless a master takes him in. There is a political campaign to get a djinn/magic-weilder on a board/counsel but any who are nominated are killed at once. The master who does take the MC is rich and has a goal, offering him the prize of freedom (controlled) if he achieves the impossible task of finding a wish granter that is considered a myth.

- Urban Fantasy - Salt Lake City
Demon slayer, female, hired by the church. Deals with religion, gender issues, and other stuff. Teams up with a RM (return missionary) male who has a personal demon(gay) but also has experience dealing with demons and not going crazy or isn't too scared. Has to find the right demons that are responsible for the troubles that were being caused against church members.

- The one that has steampunk elements but is just fantasy. It starts with two guys who meet and have a night stand. One is a wood faery from a ship, the other is a top militia man who is brought to the ship trying to catch a criminal who has been just out of his reach for months. The enemy has something against the militia/mage man. The faery joins him to help catch the guy and complications ensue.

- Sequel to Standing Ground
Noah has gotten some time from his last adventure and now has to make a decision. He can either join the group he has avoided for years or allow the government to try to control him and his abilities. The only way to avoid that decision is to leave and he is going to do it right, taking a group of renegades with him. And the adventure just starts there.


- Rich young man is sent to farmlands to live in hotel, away from his father and his young third wife. He gets in a scuff and some other males in the 20's leave him up in the mountains where a rancher finds him. They fall in love, eventually.

Those are ones I am considering for now, but who knows what I will pick by November. I know I sure have no idea. Next post I will maybe do the pros and cons of each novel.


Sophia Richardson said...

Wow, that's a lot of novel ideas to choose from! I'll be interested to see how you decide which one to stick with for that hectic month.

Also, I won one of your book depository giveaways on your other blog and haven't received it yet, so I was just wondering if they all got sent out okay?

Dawn Embers said...

Sophia Richardson - Thanks for the comment. I've gotten some of the books out but I will get yours out asap.

Angeline said...

What's worse: loads of ideas and not being able to choose, or no ideas at all?
The trouble is, if you start the wrong one, it'll stall. You need to go with whichever feels like the right one. If you dare, and if you're anything like me, just choose on November 1st. Your subconscious will just know which one to pick.
Can you believe it's almost NaNo time again?! Good luck!

Dawn Embers said...

Angeline - Good question. Since I have over 60 ideas I guess I'll never know if no ideas is worse. I would pick on November 1st but I need something to use for the NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge I do every October on I'm even judging one round and it's fun, so I have to at least pick something to prep in October, because I can change my mind on November 1.

Thanks and good luck to you. :-)


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