Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year Plans and January Goals

First, some of the goals I made for 2011 and whether I succeeded or not. Then on to goals for 2012 and for January specifically.

2011 Goals/Reflection

Tattle Tell - Finish second draft. Edit. Send to beta readers by the end of February. Work on query.
-- Did finish the second draft. Have a couple attempts so far on the query but have work to do on it. Didn't send to readers yet but will after a round of editing.

Fantasy/Steampunk - Finish Worldbuilding and find a work in progress Title. Maybe start writing.
-- Still have a lot of world building to do but have a couple of scenes written, character profiles and outline done.

Angel/Demon - Finish first draft, edit and then send to beta reader.
-- nope.

Other potential books: Pick which ones and start writing them. This also means write one of them for NaNoWriMo 2011. Also make sure to write for MarNo with either a started novel or one of the new ones. List includes: TT book 2, Fantasy/Steampunk, I'm Sorry I Forgot You, XXY, Border Patrol dystopian, or Blood Prophesy book 1.
-- Did start the border patrol one in March and it's called Lighting the Wall. Also wrote Against the Grain and finished even though it wasn't on the list, and started OttoHahn in E Minor, also not listed.

Now for 2012 Goals.

I would like to finish at least two first drafts that I have already started out of Angel/Demon, Thomas/Kyle, OttoHahn in E Minor or Lighting the Wall.

Edit two novels, both mutant ones with already finished drafts. There is an editing challenge happening in February that I'm going to try.

Be ready to submit to an agent by the end of the year. I think that I'm close enough for this to be a realistic goal finally.

Reading goal = 50 books for 2012 at least and 10 of them being the first 10 in Wheel of Times series by Robert Jordan (though not 0, that one I will wait on for now).

Keep track of all fiction written, word count wise, and see how many words I write for the year in total.

January Goals

Blog at least 4 times
Read and write notes for mutant novel edits
Write 5k in Angel/Demon, Lighting the Wall, and OttoHahn in E Minor

What are your goals for January and/or 2012?
Hope everyone has a great year!


M Pax said...

Best of luck with your 2012 writing goals. Moving forward is always success. :)

alexia said...

Great outline of goals! There's something really satisfying about writing it all down.

I hope to get a lot of editing done this month!

Avadonja said...

I refused to set real, measurable goals last year... and I'm glad.
This year, I will write and self publish 4, no 3, no 4 or 5, more novellas. :)
Good luck with your goals!

Dawn Embers said...

Thank you, all three of you, for the nice comments. Good luck to each of you this year too.


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