Friday, August 30, 2013

29 is the number

Yeah, I'm sharing that number. I'm now 29. It's interesting to reflect on things having turned another year older.

I started writing TT in 2007. That was 6 years ago... I now have an edited draft and test readers looking it over. So, the good news is I've made progress. Slow but still counts.

Health wise, my weight has fluctuated but not gone higher than it has ever been before, so in a way that is a plus but on the other hand it's not lower either at this point. Not close enough but as I get older need to focus even more on being healthier.

A few novels I have a finished draft of from the past few years. I don't have many plans for all of them. A couple are never going anywhere. However, I've started to divide things between the pen names I have chosen. I even got a secondary account on so I can have my romance/erotica on one account and fantasy/sci-fi/YA/MG and such on the other. Will be nice to separate the erotica from the YA and such. It's a good change. I also have a new blog under my other pen name for the romance/erotica stuff.

The rest of life right now is mostly work. I got a new car cause my old one died. Now I have to find a second job to help pay for things. It's hard but I still am focused on writing. I have actually searched and made a list of 10 agents to potentially query first, and I can't wait. After test readers and some adjustments, I get to submit. It's great to be at that stage with one book. Plus I have others I'm getting ready.

Right now my focus is:
TT results from test readers, potential fixes
Editing SG
Working on short stories
and reading, work, sleep, etc

So, 29 is here (though people still think I'm not old enough to sell them beer....) and life continues forward.

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Misha Gericke said...

Sounds like you made quite a bit of progress. Hope you continue with that trend. :-)


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