Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Wow, I haven't blogged in over a month. I keep meaning to put up a post then get distracted. Lot happened over the last month. Went to a funeral in Wyoming, worked, spent a lot of time on a writing web site, worked... a lot yet not much going on at the same time. I have a novel at the end of an editing round and others waiting to go. No progress so far on weight loss despite walking more but haven't given up either.

I haven't even posted goals since June, that's unusual. Better get back to work considering some of my goals the past month or so has been to blog more.

August Goals
Finish reading 2 books.
Write short story (10-15k).
Research agents and rewrite query letter.
Edit 2 chapters in SG.
Get car soon.

Also, today is once again the Insecure Writer's Support Group (check it out here). So, the topic of goals actually works because I make goals all the time and part of the time I don't reach them.  I made it a goal to finish reading 2 books last month on a different site and I didn't finish reading two. I almost had one finished and instead started another but haven't finished reading the first yet. The issue of not reaching a goal set is something I've seen elsewhere too.

On this writing web site I'm on, there is a forum where we can post on Monday with goals for the week, and we get points for posting goals then and on Friday if we post how we did. Well, one posted this last week goals but also made a comment about how she was tired at failing each week on the goals she set.

Which is understandable. Especially if you post and read so many other people posting and it seems they are almost always reaching their goals. It's hard to then look at yours and go, why didn't I succeed when others have. Sure, we should focus on ourselves and not what someone else did, but it's hard at times.

However, another post replying to the lament over failing made a good point. Maybe we need to reconsider the word "fail". Because there are many levels of not succeeding when it comes to a goal and while it's not a success not all of them are a complete fail.  Did you try at all in the goal?

I mean, really, unless you had many opportunities and instead went to bed all the time or decided to watch Jerry Springer or such instead often, then maybe it's not quite a "fail". Like my book reading goals that I often don't reach. Is it a complete fail if I didn't finish two books? No. Why? Because while I didn't finish books I am still reading and that's something. Sometimes we forget about the something.

That's my tip of the day: Don't forget the little somethings when reaching for your goals.

Do you make goals?
What do you think about ones you don't quite succeed on?
August goals anyone?

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Ingrid Engen said...

It's very important for me to set goals for myself. These may not be "official" goals, but something I just tell myself that I'm going to accomplish today or this week or this month (minutes, word count, pages, etc.). If I don't set those goals, I don't have much to motivate me. However, the most important thing about setting goals is that they are attainable. I can set all the goals I want, but if they aren't attainable, then all I do is discourage myself. (And I've set my share of those goals, too.) It takes a little trial and error, but I find that setting goals is a great motivator.

My August goals are to post another couple chapters to my writing critique group for one WIP#1 and brainstorm for a second draft of WIP#2 I have stewing in the back of my mind.

Best of luck to you with your goals!


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