Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Goals and New Format

It is a new year and time to roll out the new. But first: a quick Salute to 2013! And a great big Welcome 2014!

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I didn't do much blogging in 2013 in general. I did the change over from It's in the Book on this one, to Fiction and Fitness but haven't done a whole lot after the April blog challenge. But it's a new year and time to get the blog up and running in a more effective and useful manner. And with that, a new background and new post formats. I still plan to do goal type posts at the beginning of each month, but no more Insecure Writing posts. Hope all who take part in the blog hop continue to do well. I have a few other ideas I'm bringing to the blog though.

First, I am going to do a couple more posts on health and fitness. This includes a focus on vegetables segment, which will probably first be in another post, then two weeks later I will post some recipes I tried that incorporated the vegetable showcased.  Thinking twice a month for now on that feature.

Then there is the writing. Aside from talking about my goals for writing each month, at least twice a month after that I need to post updates. This will in particular focus on what I've written, edited, submitted and any books/publications I've read.

The big thing is simply, blog on a regular basis. Now for the goals part of the blog.
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I did goals for 2013. Here is the results of those goals.
Writing (novels)
Edit TT and SG, send to test readers, prepare for submission (edited TT, sent to test readers, on final edit, however just started SG edit barely).
Finish first draft of AF, OiEM, LtW and/or AD, TK, GaD (Finished TK and almost done with AF).
Try not to start new novel at least until November if at all (Fail but by accident, shorts became novel ideas).
Be closer to submitting by my birthday (Was closer though not there yet).

read 50 books/manga/etc (Not even close, with manga and such think the total is 20).

Eat healthier (eh, need to write this goal better for next year, be more precise)
Make progress in life plans (In ways yes but always room for improvement).

Now for 2014 Goals

Finish final TT Edit.
Edit SG.
Finish first draft of 2 YA Novels.
Submit more short fiction to markets. (this breaks a goal making rule, but I am not specific for my year goal because each month I plan to make a specific goal for this item)
Read 15 books
Blog once a week minimum, taking all blogs into consideration.

Change diet over from fast and cheap, to vegetables and home cooked but cheap.
Do a physical activity for 30 minutes 3 days a week, not counting work.
Lose 25 lbs. (Current weight is 217).

January Goals
Write 4 short stories
Submit 5 items to publications.
Finish writing AF
Work on TT Edit
Start Vegetable focus using canned, frozen and fresh veggies.

How did 2013 go for you?
Do you have any goals for 2014? Any goals just for January?

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