Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Submission Mission

I'm on a mission to submit stories for publication. Yep, after writing for years (I've been on since 2005 if that tells anything), I am making a big push to submit stories out into the world to publications. Yay!

Background: I have submitted very little in the past. 1 sci-fi flash fiction story to 4 places, one creative nonfiction because had to send it, and one set of poems. All rejected, which didn't bother me actually, and one rejection of the sci-fi was personal (as they gave comments to everyone).

Last time I submitted a story up to Jan 1, 2014, was back in 2009...

Yeah, the time has come. So, I did something fun. I made a poster! (Yay for discounts at a place that prints photos, hehe.)

With help of free vector images, gimp and inkscape to make circles, I created this. It has 100 circles and I have to mark a circle for a story submitted.

So far, I have one marked. Yay!  Already got a rejection and submitted elsewhere but still, I am starting and it's great. I can't wait to get more rejections... and maybe some day acceptances too. There are more to come in the near future.

Do you submit your work?

I'm using The Grinder to keep track of where I submit. What about you?

And also... lookie, the veggie thing is live! ----->

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