Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Update: Decided to Compete in Powerlifting

Yep. I am officially signed up to compete in a powerlifting meet on April 17th. And I have been for weeks, so no worries. I'm not doing this at random with less than 6 weeks until competition. I am in the middle of prep, working on a peak cycle on a small deficit in order to reach a very close to where I'm at now weight class. Just figured it would be good to make the official posts on the blog and that way I can share my lifting here too, along with the writing I'm doing. Yes, still writing. Will update on that too.

I looked for meets in the area and had two options. One was this meet in April and the next one wasn't until near the end of August. I might do the August one too but we'll have to wait and see how this first one goes. I just didn't want to wait all the way until then so I went with the less time available option. Which means I'm attempting my first peak cycle and getting all of the necessary equipment in less than 12 weeks but should be fun no matter how things turn out. I also have been lifting since very end of October 2014, so don't have high expectations. I'm going to see what it's like and for me, no other reason to compete.

The competition:  APA-WPA Elite Spring Challenge
                                 Full Power - Open Class

Weight class: hopefully 132, which means I have to weigh less than 132

My goals: Squat 210
                 Bench 125
                 Deadlift 240

Before prep maxes were: 200 squat
                                         115 bench (clean rep, 125 barely qualifying rep)
                                          225 deadlift

These are in lbs as I don't know the kg conversions. ;-)  Since I'm new to this all, I did find a template to use for the weight lifting, keeping to the upper/lower style split I'd done for the past several months with a focus on the specific lifts each day. In my journal on and the groups on MyFitnessPal where I list my exercises, I gave this peak cycle a title and am showcasing each week as chapters (novella length since I didn't have 12 weeks for a peak or more). I am calling it:

The Story of My First Peak Attempt

Fun times right? lol I am on Chapter 4 now but will combine some chapters and post soon to get this blog caught up on all of the good times. Hopefully will catch up in a couple of days. Look for the first 2 chapters next. Plus other things too and of course, novel work.

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