Friday, April 15, 2016

The SMFPA Chapters 7, 8 and 9

Last of the meet prep, or at least the gym time. One thing left after this and that is the competition. Things went pretty well except for getting a cold. It hit me hard for a couple of days then had the lingering parts for a while. Going low calorie is not my recommendation when recovering from a cold, even if you don't feel like eating, but sometimes it just has to be done that way. Been tired and had some rough moments with the cardio but overall, things went well. Can't wait to see the results this weekend.

Chapter 7


OHP 2x10 @ 45, 1x6 @ 65, 3x5 @ 80 - tough but managed

pull-ups 3x1.5, chin-ups 1x3
tricep push down 4x10 @ 80

cable bicep curl 1x1 @ 80 for fun then 3x10 @ 50
pallof press 3x10 @ 40

30 minutes on elliptical watching Chopped on Food Network

Trying to get a little extra cardio in on a regular basis but nothing crazy. Usually just 20 or 30 minutes. Have the next two days off so can update more soon. Plus tomorrow is squat and going to try it in singlet.

warm up on elliptical for 10 minutes

Squats 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x6 @ 135, 1x3 @ 185 with belt
working sets with belt 3x1 @ 200 (1 & 3 were grindy)

sumo deadlift 1x6 @ 135, 1x5 @ 170 and 3x5 @ 195

20 minutes on elliptical but didn't care for the show on Food Network

Bench 2x8 @ 45, 1x6 @ 75, 1x5 @ 95 and 3x1 @ 120

db bench press 4x4 @ 40
bent over row 4x6 @ 90

cable tricep pushdown 3x10 @ 80
cable bicep curl 3x10 @ 60

That is all. Skipped cardio as it was late and needed to do a thing before bed for the 250k challenge that ends today. Was very pleased that 120 went well as I didn't fail or anything on it. One more weekend of lifting then it's rest until the meet. Getting closer, so quick and slow at the same time.

low bar squat 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 3x6 @ 135

Deadlift 1x6 @ 135, 1x3 @ 185, 1x3 @ 205 and 3x1 @ 230

I also forgot my belt and didn't use my straps making this a minor PR on deadlift since my max without straps was 225. I have done 235 with straps for 2 reps and the belt is still new to the mix. Was happy with the performance even though it was slow, especially that last rep.

Did slow cardio on elliptical just cause and watched Cutthroat kitchen but by the end felt very blah. I would sleep all day but I still have 2 work days, then I will have my two days off.

Chapter 8

Squat 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x6 @ 135, 1x3 @ 185 and 1x1 @ 200
185 and 200 were with belt

overload @ 280 for about 12 count though didn't step back after unracking cause wow was it heavy

Then just 35 minutes on the elliptical to watch food network.

Bench and Deadlift

bench 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 75, 1x5 @ 95, 1x1 @ 105 and 1x1 @ 115
-this went pretty well, just feeling out cause upper strength is slow back after cold

deadlift 1x6 @ 135, 1x5 @ 185, 1x1 @ 230 and well that's all cause failed 240
-tried to follow plan but couldn't get 2 @ 230 but tried 240 anyways. I was slow off the floor on 230, which was unusual too. 240 went a couple inches and no more.

Body Weight: 131.8

Chapter 9

First Attempts
warm up for squats - 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x6 @ 135
Squats 3x1 @ 185 with belt

warm up for bench - 1x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 75, 1x5 @ 95
Bench 3x1 @ 105

warm up for deadlift - 1x6 @ 135, 1x5 @ 185
Deadlift 3x1 @ 225 with belt

Imagined the cues on them all. Still a little nervous about that and all of the details that will be different, like the number of people around. Wish I had family or something nearby so that I didn't have to do the whole event alone. I would like to get video but that may not be plausible since no one is going with me. Will have to wait and see.

Watching the weight on the scale as need to be at 132 or less for the weigh in, which is Saturday. Last step on the scale was at 130.4, so should do just fine. Then will be food and the fun. Can't wait to see how my numbers go at the meet. Hopefully this slow cold recovery doesn't affect my strength too much but will have to wait and find out on the big day.

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