Wednesday, May 18, 2016

First Powerlifting Meet and Youtube

At long last, the blog post about the experience I had at my first powerlifting meet. I took part in Elite Spring Challenge within the APA-WPA federation. It was held in Oregon and was a qualifier competition for another meet that will be held in October. Here is the video I put together with the lifts someone was nice enough to film for me along with the details of my experience at my very first and definitely not last powerlifting meet.

Had a great first meet experience. Another lifter offer to have her friend film me too and email it to me, so that was super nice because I had no one (friends or family) there with me. I didn't get all 3 attempts on all of the lifts but overall am pleased with how it went. Considering making notes on kg during training instead of just lbs to practice cause that conversion was a little rough at times when making decisions on my next attempts, maybe.

Squat - 3 white lights on the first two but failed on near 210, started to lean forward when trying to grind it out but that's okay. Got 198 on second attempt and all of my attempts were kinda slow, so things to work on.

Bench - First attempt 3 white lights, 1 red on second (not sure reason but eh, still counted) and failed the attempt at close to 125 (pesky conversions). That pause is just too long for me at that weight for now. 115 was my second attempt so that's still my max for good reps though I've done 125 touch and go.

Deadlift - Got all three attempts with just 1 red light on one attempt. I ended up going for a little more than planned on the third attempt as the second went well and trying to pick a decent weight with the conversion. Managed around 248. Not quite at goal of 2 times body weight but getting closer.

For a half minute or so, held a total record, which was kind of fun in the moment as he announced when your attempt was for a record before the lift.

Results, I don't remember the exact kg total but around 560ish lbs. Ended up placing second in the open division for the 132 weight class. This meet was also a qualifier for a "world" meet that is held in the same location in October. So, I'm qualified to compete in that one and can focus my training in preparation for APA-WPA World. Maybe I can get my total to above 600 if I get those last attempts worked out in bench, squat (okay, increase a little on both) and get over 2xbw deadlift. #goals

Really enjoyed the meet. Everyone is nice and encouraging. I had a good time, lots of nerves and energy and can't wait to compete again.

My Youtube Channel

Aside from the video of my lift and a couple lifts I'd put up for a little competition on, there are other videos along with future plans. I decided to start my own youtube channel in connection with the topics of this blog.

Fiction & Fitness Youtube Channel

The channel will have similar topics as the blog with a little more emphasis on the fitness than writing as it's a little easier to show video of lifting and food compared to the writing side. There will be writing ones too though, I can guarantee that. I have many plans in how to use topics for the video along with the longer worded stuff for here on the blog. It is a little weird filming myself and hearing my voice on the videos because you sound so very different in your head compared to recordings. Taking time to get used to it but should be more consistent with content as I learn programs, editing and get to posting different videos and blogs.

Coming soon: LA, Music Festival and Novel Updates.

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