Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in Review

The time has come once again to reflect on the goals I had for 2010 and soon I'll be setting official goals for 2011. Hard to believe the year is almost over already but I did accomplish a thing or two this year, so that's a plus.

Goals for 2010 (Posted in April)

Tattle Tell - Finish rewrite and perform at least one edit. Prepare to query by 2011.
First Drafts - Try to finish first drafts of Fallen (rename) and Against All Evidence.
November - Take part in National Novel Writing Month with either sequel to Tattle Tell, sequel to Standing Ground, or write first book in Blood Prophesy.
Write in novels every month/week.
Prepare queries and/or synopsis of different novels for practice and for real.

Results for 2010

Tattle Tell - Not quite. I'm on the last 5 chapters, which were the hardest to write and there is a section I still have to figure out because in the first draft I pretty much put "stuff happens here" for over half of a chapter. Will finish it in January.
First Drafts - Fallen is renamed but not finished yet. It's almost half way done. Against All Evidence is on the back burner.
November - Success except I used a different novel. I wrote 50k of an epic fantasy in 13 days but haven't finished the first draft.
Standing Ground - finished the first draft back in April. Sequel won't happen for a little while.
Write in novels - not quite. Did write often but the last few weeks have been little to no writing over all.
Queries - Did one practice query letter so far but haven't done any more.

Coming Soon: 2011 Official Goals

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