Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Muse is Character Blog

That's right. I've joined a group blog, or well my novel characters have. It's for a blog that was started a little bit ago but back then I posted as a guest. Now there are going to be six of us posting. It's my first group blog that has actually invited me to be a part of the fun and I'm excited.  The blog page is here: And my personal author page is this one:


For those that don't want to click the link to figure out exactly how it works, basically each writer (there are six of us atm) will have blog posts written from the point of view of one of their characters. For example, my guest post in the original blog was from a mutant character, Noah. He wrote an introduction (me writing from his viewpoint) and then there was a chat where the other two had a character and we all chatted as ourselves and our characters. So, on the new blog I will be posting a blog post from my characters' point of view every other monday.

Check out the blog and follow us because trust me, it's going to be awesome in hilarious proportions.


Kristie Cook said...

Sounds cool. Can't to read what your characters have to say. :)

Cinette said...

Sound like you'll have a lot of fun with that, and it should help you get deep inside your character's head:-)

Dawn Embers said...

:-) Thanks you two. We had a skype chat already, 5 of the 6 contributors to the blog and it was a 2 hour laugh session. This blog is going to be great and the character chats even better. I can't wait.

J. D. Brown said...

"Awesome in hilarious amounts" should be our catch phrase lol.

Dawn Embers said...

That's be cook, JD. lol

Erin Kane Spock said...

This was a fun idea. I like that your character introduced you - it puts things in a different perspective.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Erin. It does give a good perspective doing these posts in the characters pov.


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