Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Well, it's more of a blogs in progress then novels at the moment. Novel writing is very minimal still even though I have the high goals up for December. Better get to work on them asap. Blogs on the other hand are very busy. So, this is a Blog work in progress report.

New blog: which is the one I posted about for Muse Monday. My first post will be next week and I'm really excited. I haven't quite figured out which characters to introduce because we have two days to do introductions. I'm splitting up the angel from the demon just because the stage I'm at in their novel is one where they don't know much about each other and certainly not those important facts. Sure, the angel should have figured it out but there are good reasons he didn't so now is determined that he is just a not saved human. While the demon is a new demon, so he had never met an angel before and knows nothing about that factor so he really doesn't think he almost slept with an angel the night the two met at the club. Complicated for sure. So, they don't chat together right now in these character conversations. I'll probably keep the YA mutants together because it would come out better for them to speak in the same post. Just need to figure out how to split the characters for the two days.

Guest posting: What started off as one post has already gone to another being asked for by a different friend blogger. Not that I mind. In fact, it's kind of exciting that other people want me to be guests on their blogs. My first guest post is found at Ashelynn's blog where she'd asked me to write something based upon my experience taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. Here is the guest post link.  My next guest post isn't even written yet but I have one that I'm going to do based on a previous topic from my other blog. A friend remembered a post I did all the way from like February and wanted me to expand on it for her blog so I'm going to write a guest post about anti-heroes and anti-villains. Should be fun.

Own blogs: Yep, still posting here and my other blog. Not sure what all to post here since there aren't any blogfests until the one at the beginning of January but I'll figure something out. Have to work on this month's goals and start getting ready for 2011. On my writing topic blog, I have posts up soon about marketing and brand. Plan to interview the wonderful Kristie Cook who not only is a great author but is her own publisher so she has a lot to say about the marketing of oneself as an author.  Can't wait for 2011. It's going to be an epic year for me and my novels. I can just feel it.

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