Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Goals and updates

I think I'm going to change to posting my monthly goals three months at a time on here because that way I don't have a goal post every single month because then it feels half my content gets focused on either what goal am I attempting or did I make any progress. Both good things but you all deserve more.

But for now, I did January goals so need to give you that update. Then I'll do February and March and we'll go from there.

January Goals
Write 4 short stories
Submit 5 items to publications.
Finish writing AF
Work on TT Edit
Start Vegetable focus using canned, frozen and fresh veggies.

1. Not quite. I started at least 4 stories during the month but I didn't finish them all. In fact, I only actually finished 1, which is already submitted, but I worked on 3 others I'd written in the past and sent those out.
2. Close. I submitted 4 different stories in January. 1 received 2 rejections and is awaiting response at the 3rd place. Good progress still since last I'd submitted was 1 story 4 times in 2009.
3. Nope. But I thought of a better ending. yay!
4. ish, not really.
5. I did post a thing, we are looking at green beans.

Also, current weight = 214. Down from 217 I believe so it's a start.

 Veggie Feature: Green Beans

February Goals
Submit 4 stories to publications.
Write chapter in AF.
Finish reading HIVE
Post 5 blog entries overall.
Apply to one job a week.
Batch cook on day off from work.

March Goals
Edit TT.
Finish reading 1 book.
Keep submitting items if they get rejections.
Apply to one job a week.
Eat 3 servings of veggies a day

How is your year going?
What are your goals for February and/or March?

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