Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random Writings

Lately I've had a couple random bits of writing occur and figured it would make for an interesting blog post. I will do a fitness/health post in the near future though, so look forward to a green bean recipe or two. ;-)

But first, random writings!

What do I mean? Well, most of the time, even though I'm not an outliner, when I have a story idea I've thought it through. I watch the story and get to know the character in my head before I do much writing at all. This goes for both short stories and novels. Also is why I don't quite consider myself a true "pantser" because I don't quite discover the story as it goes along on the page most of the time.

And I guess that is what this is really about, attempting to discovery write.

With one story that I have finished in the last month, it all started with a title. I came up with a title that included Fire. From there I wrote a couple paragraphs, then the final sentence, added space between the start and finish, then went from there. Each day that I added bits, for a good portion of the writing, I didn't know where I was going even though I knew the last line.

Another story that got sent out this week has a similar conception. The story started with a prompt about "Mercury" as a name. I wasn't sure what to do at first so this time I started with the first line of the story, about the character being called Mercury. Each time I added a little more to the story (it took a couple weeks at least), I didn't know where I was headed, but now I have the story done and though it's odd, I kinda like it. I've sent it out already. Got an awesomely quick rejection from one place and that made me send it to another place. I'm all about keep trying and submitting and smiling at rejections (yay!). Oh, also since I had one vote on my "rejections" poll and a few people on facebook like my comment (mostly writers, not just family, lol), I am going to have a little place off to the right that shows the number of items I have out and the number of rejections I've received. And back to the story writing topic...

In some ways it's kind of fun to sit down each day with a goal of adding words to a story but not knowing where that will take things. Not having it planned out. Granted by the end, before I get there, I have something in my head, but it's still fun to discover so much along the way.

And in line with the random write, in a group on we have someone who posts prompts and others will write little snippets based on the prompt in the forum. Since it's forum then it has to be short, more micro fiction style. I don't often post on those cause getting novelist to write short story is hard enough, getting me to write micro fiction is even worse (I try though). Well, today is a different story. I wrote an unplanned snippet from the prompt "In the distance..." And since it's posted on the forum there and thus "published" I figured why not share it here as well.

Untitled story by Me

In the distance existed hope.

Beyond the fence of trees, the forest overgrowth that stretched for unknown miles, lay endless possibilities. A real chance to start anew. No history dragging down in the depths of emotional seas. No pain, rejection or loss of concepts once held close to heart. Only the endless possibilities with the potential for a brighter future displayed out beyond the choking vines of the city.
Behind remained regret.

Mistakes made and promises shattered on the cold concrete simmered in the background along with broken memories of a distant childhood. Heart wrenched, shredded in cold indifference held no strength to stay in the cold place once called home. Crushed dreams and empty bedroom provided little reason to stay.

In the distance lay fear.

The unknown truth remained with no guarantee of brighter shores or better times. Hidden behind the serene tree-line existed a world unexplored with potential for both excitement and disaster. Surviving thus far didn't guarantee a future. Leaving held no promise of safety, kinship or comfort.
Behind existed a known trouble.

Comfort came in knowing despite all odds, survival continued in the cold alleys of the city. Having a past indicated ways to continue to a future, more possibilities with the risks already known. Even the empty arms of the friends that remained there had some warmth.

Standing on the brink of change, the past a beckoning hum of pain and regret at his back while the haunting danger of beautiful unknown lay ahead, he took a step forward.

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