Monday, February 24, 2014

Vegetable Options

See, I promised something not writing and here it is. Vegetables!

Okay, really this is partly cause I had some veggies in freezer, not well kept and didn't notice and got a tad sick from eating it... So, first thing is first. Take care of your vegetables properly. And just because they are frozen doesn't mean they last forever. Especially if bag is opened and not closed well while in the freezer for months.

But on to the rest of the topic. There are three main options when it comes to vegetables: fresh, frozen, canned. All three work in different ways and have different results to varying degrees, pending the vegetable. And my preference varies depending on said vegetable.

The big one. Fresh, as you can imagine, is awesome and useable in so many ways. Can be eaten raw, barely cooked, cooked in many different methods, so much possible with this. However, you don't want to overbuy because you might end up wasting cause they don't last forever as shelf life varies. There are also some I just don't like in the uncooked form in general, while a few others I quite like raw or prefer to start off fresh before cooking. Brussel sprouts, while I have frozen bag in freezer, I prefer to start from raw and cook them. Broccolini is great when bought fresh. Also enjoy carrots, spinach, on rare occasion lettuce, and many other veggies when purchased fresh. And of course squash, mmmm squash. However, I am not the best at cooking right away nor do I grocery shop often in part to having very little money for food. So, I really like buying fresh but it doesn't always work out well at this time.

This can be a good and often times affordable option. There are some small bags of frozen veggies available for under 1$ where I shop. They can be added to soups, casseroles and many other dishes too and last much longer than most fresh veggies will. If spending a bit more, like a few dollars, there are ones with sauces or recipe inspired available nowadays in many stores. Some taste better than others. I haven't had the best luck with frozen spinach. However, frozen broccoli, corn and such have been easy additions to use. Frozen green beans are okay but I prefer canned or fresh. Carrots are okay frozen, for stew and such but eh, I'm not big on reheat and eat from frozen but they are okay. But frozen is a great option minus my small amount of freezer space and keeps for longer, which is good. Next need to find other uses for them, sneak veggies in anything I can so I eat more.

Canned is another often affordable option. These can also be found in some places and sizes under 1 dollar and they have a rather long shelf life. They add well to soups and casseroles but can also be heated up and consumed on their own. Some work out better than others. I'm more of a fan of canned green beans (french style cut in particular) than say eating a can of peas, but they are okay. I haven't tried all the canned ones. I see asparagus but it's usually more than the other veggies and I like fresh more anyways. Canned corn is okay but I'm not big on creamed corn. Carrots are okay but almost too soft yet I like starting fresh and getting them soft... I dunno. I have canned baby carrots, instead of slices. That will be interesting. So, in general I do kind like canned or jarred (don't see much jarring but if I had pickle stuff I'd try to make it like my great grandma's.

So there are a few options in the way of vegetation.

Do you have a preference?


D.G. Hudson said...

I'd say frozen surpasses canned which often contains too much salt. Next best to fresh. You do have to watch dates on everything. Nothing is forever, even canned food.

I only buy frozen peas, corn, and spinach in the little blocks. If you make crepes and freeze them, spinach and an easy white sauce make a filling dinner.

Good for you trying to eat healthy. Fruits are good frozen too - berries are what I prefer. Enjoyed your post.

Chris said...

Hi Dawn, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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