Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainy Day

Late, I know. Sorry for having my entry be late for the blogfest but with the microobiology combined with a new job, I have been so tired. But here it is:

The blogfest is hosted by Christine H over at The Writer's Hole .
Basically, she wants rain! That is the main aspect for this blogfest and since it's pretty straightforward there isn't much to add about the blogfest.

Since the last blogfest was also one involving weather, I decided to skip ahead in the story a little bit. I wouldn't want to weather focused sections that close together in the overall story. So, this is Cinder Story after Jack has started the job, had a few issues with the stepdaughters of his boss and they have given him the nickname Cinder. It's not very long either and a bit rough.

Entry from Cinder Story:

Jack used to like rain. The refreshing way a good shower would drop the temperature on a hot summer day could improve his mood at the first sprinkling of liquid. Dark gray clouds had their own natural beauty that so few seemed to appreciate. Scents after a strong rainstorm was like heaven. Or... That's how it used to be when it rained but today has ruined that entirely.

Standing out in a downpour hadn't been his plan for the fifteen minutes, but when Alexa handed him her sparkling pink umbrella, he knew he couldn't refuse the job. She was angry at him already and a bad report to her stepfather would hinder the work he'd done so far.

So, he took the umbrella without a complaint, only taking one longing glance at the extra, blue one that remained in the close before following her outside. But he wasn't going to take the disregard without saying something. "You're so addicted to those things that you have to go out in a storm to get your fix?"

"Bite me." She didn't skip a beat with her response and proceeded to take her time lighting the slim, white cigarette.

His one sentence in, Jack stood holding the umbrella over her and let the rain drench him. At least the water kept the smoke from infusing into his clothing since she tended to exhale in his direction on purpose.


Ju Dimello said...

Ouch.. I can feel his pain ! Jack certainly values her step-father's opinion enough to put up with her. Wonder why!!!

Great job..

Alison Stevens said...

I'm curious to know more about the relationship between Jack and Alexa, and what work Jack has "done so far." Nice use of rain to magnify the animosity.

Dawn Embers said...

Ju Dimello - Thanks for the comment. The step-father is actually his boss. His job at the moment is to be an assistant to the women, meaning his bosses second wife and their girls.

Alison - It should be interesting. Not sure if I'll keep the name Alexa but I needed something for this blogfest. This one should keep things going with conflict for him at least. And Thanks. :-)

RaShelle said...

Hey Dawn - She's a real charmer isn't she? And making him hold the sparkling pink umbrella. LOL Very funny. =D

Brenda Drake said...

Great scene (sorry I'm late getting to it but I missed it the first go through). Why am I imagining that these two are going to end up rolling around in the sheets? Umph. I guess I like good boy tames bad girl themes. LOL

Love it!

Dawn Embers said...

Rashelle - Indeed she is and the umbrella was fun to add.

Brenda - That is an interesting reaction, but only works when I'm not the writer. You'll see it eventually, or figure it out from other posts of mine. ;-) Thanks for commenting cause I didn't get it posted until late.

roh morgon said...

Cinder...I love his nickname (though I can imagine he doesn't).

And standing in the rain getting soaked while holding a pink umbrella over her - nice visual!

Tessa Conte said...

Poor Jack! And the pink sparkly umbrella just adds insult to injury, really.

Sorry my new blogfest isn't really suited to your Cinder story, I REALLY want to hear more of it! I guess I'll have to think of one that suits you time, I promise!


Damyanti said...

I missed this one too...arrrgh!

I would love read more about these two.

Christine H said...

Interesting! I love the way you've characterized Jack so sharply in this short scene.

Thank you for participating in the blogfest, and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get around to reading all the entries.


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