Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Goals

While I have in the past posted my monthly writing goals on my other blog, I think that it's more appropriate to post them here from now on. Afterall, this is a blog about my works in progress and nothing else (with occasional exceptions).

My August Goals

1. At least 5 chapters on Tattle Tell (try to finish ASAP).
- I'd put finish by my birthday but that's slightly over half the book and while I can do 30+k in one month, I have to remember this isn't my only project and I'll have Microbiology with a lab to do as well. Plus my internship and maybe a job, maybe at the end of the month but that's a distant hope still.

2. 10k or so on Angel//Demon 
 - While I should put the other novels on the backburner, I just can't. Plus, I've told myself when I finish the first draft of this novel I can start writing Shiny (aka steampunk fantasy idea). And I really want to write my elemental fey helps human beat villain story.

3. Use WDC more besides writing in novels
- So, I've been on for 5 years now. But this past year my activity on the site has decreased. I've not gotten my contests judged, at all, like months late. I haven't taken part in contests, groups or discussions outside one or two. The only reason I really sign on is to post my novel work when I write in book items. It helps to have the online copies along with what's on my laptop. I used to review, a lot at the beginning of the year, and now nothing. My goal is to change that a little and maybe even get back into chat a few times (I blame twitter for me not going to chat).

4. Read 4 novels, at least
- Yeah, yeah, to write one needs to read but I haven't been very good at it. Last month I read Wings and The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I also started The Magicians and I'm still only half way. It's not a bad book either, just a little slow to read and I am distracted doing my own stuff. I have started Shiver. Hope to read that, Uglies, and at least two other books this month. I have so many to read it's ridiculous and at the end of the month I'll be getting Paranormalcy. Yay!

These are my goals for August.

What are your goals?


Theresa Milstein said...

You're trying to accomplish a lot. I wish you luck.

My goal is to apply for my jobs, hope someone calls me to interview, and get a job OTHER than substitute teaching.

My second goal is to query. I just completed my final draft yesterday. Hooray!

And I was stupid enough to sign up to read 100 books this year. I'm woefully behind. So I've got to read.

Dawn Embers said...

Theresa - Thank you. It's not too big, not going for 50k this month. Wow, 100 books in a year is a lot, at least if you don't read really fast.

Good luck with the job applications and the query. I hope to someday get to query but need to rewrite/edit still.

Amie McCracken said...

The Magicians was good but slow to read...(exactly what you said).

Ambitious goals. All I'm hoping for is to continue fleshing out my newest idea before starting it, and finish editing the first thirty pages of one of my projects.

I hope you get what you want done. Good luck.

Dawn Embers said...

Amie - Thanks. I also am easily distracted, so don't always remember to read some days. Good luck to you as well. I hope you reach your goals too.

Anonymous said...

Very good list, I hope you accomplish them all. My only item is to finish my rough draft by the end of this month. Hopefully, as the deadline is approaching, I will spend more time working and less time sipping iced tea and daydreaming.

Dawn Embers said...

Catherine - Sounds like a good goal to me. The deadline is approaching but you might surprise yourself with what you can do in one month.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

My goal is to grow in my craft as a writer -- and that includes some of your own goals :
1) read more novels

2) read more non-fiction

3) edit my finished novel

4) write more chapters on the two WIP that I have going.

You have a lovely blog. I thought I already was a follower. I fixed that misstep. Have a great week, Roland

Dawn Embers said...

Roland - Those are some great goals. Aww, and thanks for the compliment. Glad you like the blog. :-D


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