Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Romance Blog Hop

Greetings blog hoppers. This is just a quick little post for the blog hop link and why I qualify for the romance topic.

I have both romance novel and other genres that incorporate some romance. The first 1st draft I'd ever finished was a romance/erotica during National Novel Writing Month 2008. I still haven't rewritten that novel but it's in the background to eventually be fixed. Instead of talking about the novels, though, for this introduction. I'm going to talk about some of the couples. Yes, they are all m/m.

Thomas & Kyle - they are for a romance/erotica novella and people like them. Well, I don't know about people but the ones that have read them. My "fan" loves to read about Thomas in particular but mostly his interactions with Kyle. Another that liked these too in particular really liked Kyle. What I like about this is that both were gay/bi males. Some don't believe women can write it well for men, but I seem to be doing okay.

Noah & Bastian - Noah is a mutant that controls energy. He is a main character in not only his series but the ones that combines with characters from the YA section. Bastian is his boyfriend, and he meets him at the very beginning of the book. They have many differences that begin to develop and they go through a lot in the first book.

Lucas & Elijah - from the paranormal romance. These two are very fun and it's a novel with both as the main characters. Both are the point of view characters. Lucas is a demon and Elijah is an angel. Lucas hates the cold and they're living in Detroit. Both are feeling vulnerable and find something they never thought they'd have with each other... love.

Enjoy the hop. Tomorrow is my WIP post and it's kinda long.

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