Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed

I haven't been posting much on this blog for a few reasons. Things have been beyond busy. Worked so far for 2 weeks at the elementary school and somehow already caught a cold. Sucks because I can't even drink coffee because my throat and such, not used to going days without coffee. Aside from the work and illness I have a ton of homework. Microbiology is proving to be one of the most difficult classes ever and it caught me at the end when I was already tired of school. I hope I do better the second half, after the break because right now things aren't easy.

Work isn't too bad except trying to learn SEE sign language. It's really frustrating for us and the student when he's trying to tell us something but we can't understand what he's saying. Got the alphabet down and some words/phrases. That is all so far.

Writing is slow because of this. I am writing in Sekrit Novel during lunch, which is nice. I've been very slow overall on that one because it has taken a few months to get done with 3 chapters but this week I did officially finish chapter 3. I also finished chapter 10 of the paranormal romance novel. Yay for that. They have not only met, but they are on their second meeting and soon will be living together. Fun times. Now I need to focus on the novel rewrite. When I am caught up with school work.

The other reason for not posting much here is I'm posting a lot on my other blog. The theme weeks are fun but require posting often in one week to make it worth the effort. That and I'm not sure what all to post here right now. I'll figure something out and in November this should be one busy blog. Let's hope.


Summer Ross said...

we all get busy at times. do what you need to do- I'll still be here :) I understand about school- chemistry last semester was very difficult for me and I spent almost 11 hrs a day involved in it plus I had another class. But summer mini mesters are awful! anyway- good luck with microbiology!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Summer Ross. Chemistry was awful for me. First semester of college, I went to study sessions, extra sessions with the teacher, studied hard for the final... failed the final but got a C overall in the class, barely. I'm just tired of school by now and the other stuff just adds onto it. Once this is done, I get a much needed break from schooling.

Alison Stevens said...

Cold season has begun here, too. Hang in there-it's not easy to balance everything we'd like to do. I struggle with it on a daily basis. :)

Dawn Embers said...

Alison - True, and I work at an elementary school. Germs galore. The person at public health (I know her, actually) said that first year teachers/school workers end up sick often. So, I'll be getting a flu shot for the first time this year. Balance is hard to reach.

Anonymous said...

Teachers wind up catching all the new viruses every year no matter how long you teach. Just make sure you keep washing your hands and bring hand sanitizer in your purse. Good luck this year!

Dawn Embers said...

Catherine - Thanks. I do have two different hand sanitizers with me at work. One in my little bag that has all the bandaids and such, and the other on my desk.


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