Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday

 Where did September go? It's already almost done and I feel like I've written absolutely nothing. Okay, I have done a little writing but I'd be surprised if I make it past 5,000 words for the whole month on all the different novel projects I have going.

Progress on my September goals? Not so much.

A few paragraphs written of a single chapter on rewrite / rewrite 5 chapters
Paragraphs of one chapter on Angel.Demon / 5k in Angel.Demon novel
No reading / Read 2 books
Not close on any of them. But October is coming and after that is November (National Novel Writing Month). I'm going to be sharing stuff on this blog for all of October, as I take part in a nanowrimo prep challenge. Not sure what I'll post in November, because it will be less common than in October, but there will be something each week at least.

Time to get my works in progress...


Mary McDonald said...

Okay, so maybe you didn't accomplish as much as you wanted, but you did accomplish quite a bit. You have more than you did when the month started, right?

Jolene Perry said...

I've been all over the place this month too. I looked over my bedside notebook and I have notes for five different projects. I really, really need to focus myself a little bit.

Dawn Embers said...

Mary - True. I also have worked a little on a Sekrit novel during lunch at work. Any progress is better than no progress.

Jolene - Good luck focusing. I can rarely focus on single projects. However, I probably will for nanowrimo at least till I get the 50k on the one project.

Alison Stevens said...

I didn't even do a WIP Wednesday update because my writing was so... nonexistent. Sick kids, visitors, darn LIFE keeps getting in the way.

You, however, have made some progress. Well done! :)

Dawn Embers said...

Alison - That's okay. Those weeks happen. Hopefully you'll have more next time. And thanks. :-)

Christina Lee said...

Hey, at least you have some goals set for yourself ;--)


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