Thursday, September 16, 2010

NaNoWriMo Ideas

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Hello there. Hard to believe that September is more than half way over, which means October will be here soon followed by the epic month of November. That means, National Novel Writing Month and attempting to write 50,000 words on a "new" novel. But I don't know what to write for it. I'd had an idea picked out, actually, but changed my mind. So, I'm going to post here and see what anyone who comments thinks. Hopefully I pick one by October for the prep challenge.

Michael's Book - The idea I was originally going to write for NaNoWriMo 2010. It's a book in the mutant Series with the main character being Michael, who controls both fire and ice. Michael is a secondary character in the adult series book 1, Standing Ground. I considered writing the book before that, where he meets the other set of mutants and how they get involved with the revolution, which leads to them forcing Noah to help them break into SS, but I don't know if I want to anymore. Might wait and just focus on the YA and Adult books I have going at the moment.

Epic Fantasy, book 1 - One of my first novel ideas ever. It actually started out as a historical fiction idea, so it changed a lot the first few years but for the past 5 years the idea has been consistent. I loved to read epic fantasy in high school and have wanted to write a book with elves and mages for a long time. My username on Writing.Com is elfmage7, if that indicates anything. The main two characters are elves, slightly different types, and the main secondary characters include humans and a female dwarf. The villain is targeting human settlements, trying to take over for a particular reason (revenge is part of the plot) and the group has to work together despite their differences to stop him.

Intersex YA - Taylor was born intersexed, male and female technically, but his parents were so worried about picking the wrong gender (which could lead to transgender issues) that they decided to wait and let Taylor decide which gender is the right one. Has been alone, not making any friends all through school, and in high school stays away from others. Look androgynous so others don't often even try to be friendly with Taylor. Until one day a boy changes that, causing Taylor to wonder not only about own gender, but also the possibility of friends and maybe even dating.

Steampunk - Adult fantasy novel with steampunk elements for sure. One MC is a military leader/officer(detective), strong and capable of handling situations by the book. The other MC is a wood faery and works on a flying ship where he's supposed to protect the ship (not the people in it, just the actual ship). Fae MC's ship is attacked by the villain, whom other MC is working to capture. The two must try to work together, to not only save the people captured but stop the villain's plans. Plus there is the awkwardness of their personal interactions, and whether they will fall for each other. I am worldbuilding for this novel currently.

Dystopian - Borders novel. Human settlement in the mountains protected by old magick made borders to protect the villagers from the monsters (need to decide what kinds) that survive outside the borders. Very few people ever leave and very few have ever made it safe to the village from elsewhere. But a family shows up in a car, almost out of fuel one day, as the borders are starting to falter under the constant attacks of different monsters. Two potential MC characters. Boy from the village or the new boy that comes with the new family.

Mom's Novel - Romance with female main character. She meets the male love interest when they are in high school but her family moves away even before graduation. Lose contact after awhile. Both get married to others and then meet again. There are several different times in their lives when they meet but never is a time where both are single to get together. In retirement, they meet again and finally get to be together. It's my mom's novel idea, but she doesn't think she could write so I said I'd try to write it for her. The fact that it spans so many years sounds like the hard part for me.

Which should I pick?


Summer Ross said...

wow, thats a lot to choose from. I'd say go with what ever is in your heart like the elf mages thing you talked about. but then i also like the transgender one too- its an interesting idea and could be possible...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Summer! I The YA transgender novel could be very interesting...Have you ever read "Middlesex?"

But I do love elves :)

Amie McCracken said...

I like the elves or the dystopian. I'm working on formulating my idea too. Last year I used an idea that I had had brewing for the past ten years. So I hope this idea (which is only a few months old) will be enough for me to make a book.

Ariana Richards said...

The high fantasy sounds like a good read - actually they all have potential. But I like the intersexed YA idea best. I'd love to read that story.

Jolene Perry said...

Pick the one you're thinking about when you wake up in the morning.
That's what I do. Totally works for me.

Dawn Embers said...

Summer - It is a lot, and I could add more.

Erica - I haven't read middlesex yet. It is on my list of books to read, for sure.

Amie - Good luck to you this year.

Ariana - Thanks for adding your input. :-)

Jolene - I think about many different ones, and sometimes all in one day, so it's hard to know which one I'll want in November. And should only work on one for NaNo. But thanks for the suggestion.


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