Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Noah

Time to introduce another character. This time I'm introducing a character that has been in a few other blog posts: Noah from Standing Ground.

Noah Lane (last name will probably change in rewrite/edit)

Physical Description
Hair: white (longish in the beginning of the novel but then he gets a haircut)
Eyes: bright sapphire blue
Body type: Regular-ish. Not bulky but not twig thin either. Definitely doesn't work out as he tended to focus more on studying and trying not to use his powers.
Mutation: Controls energy/electricity
Age: mid to late 20's
Area of Study(college degree): Physics and Military Science. The physics was what he wanted to study and useful in his abilities to understand. Military Science he only studied because it might keep his dad off his back. He is anti-war and anti-violence.
Sexual Orientation: Gay and comes out to family in first book.

Maybe not with a leather jacket, but him with shorter hair.

More about Noah

He doesn't like being a mutant and having the abilities that he has. In fact, he wants to be normal. But he doesn't even look normal since he was born with whitish hair and his mutation is one of the strongest ones tests so far, or at least that was the prediction. They viewed Noah as having potential, which he later made sure to never reach up to as far as anyone else was concerned. Truth is, he could surpass the initial potential that was predicted but he's determined to never be a weapon for anyone.

Family Life
His mom is very encouraging, and in the start of the book he technically lives at his parents' house. He has one younger brother, who is like their father, both have super strength and do all kinds of manly things that Noah can't do or doesn't care about. The father is often disappointed by Noah because he was the first, didn't have a lot of strength, never met up with his potential and refuses to join the Superhero Society. So, his dad is the most compative member of the family with Noah. He gets along with his brother pretty well, considering.

Best Friend
Noah lives part time at his parents' house and part time with his best friend, Dominic. Dominic is a mutant who doesn't have family anymore but needs a lot of help due to his mutation. He gets prophetic dreams but they done in symbols that are difficult to interpet. And the dreaming requires his body to sleep far more often then most people. So, Noah often stays with him to help with the daily things and to make sure he doesn't fall asleep in the shower or anything like that.

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