Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creation Blogfest

I signed up for this and then yeah, kinda forgot. Thanks to Tessa's post, I remember and good thing it's a two sentence blogfest, lol. Here is the blog link, New Creation Blogfest link. The host is Summer Ross, who is always awesome about posting comments on people's blogfest entries so check out her blog even if you're not interested in the blogfest.

The idea of the blogfest is to post 1 sentence from the very end of a story written last year and then post a brand new sentence that is the first sentence of a new story for this year. Sounds fun. I took the last sentence from the novel I finished in April from the novel Standing Ground. The sentence is only two words long but I'm not going to cheat so I will just post the last sentence. And the new sentence is from the dystopian novel I think I might start writing this year when I find the time. It is called The Border for now. Enjoy!

"For now."

The border was supposed to keep everyone out, monsters and humans alike, and it did... until yesterday.


Summer Ross said...

Love your sentences! The last one is short and makes me very curious what happened to get to that line.

Your new sentence is a real hook! happy writing and thank you fairy much for participating!

Donna Hole said...

I saw your comment on my submission. I really haven't had time to respond to commenters or to follow-up on the blogfest participants much.

But I've always enjoyed your posts, when I stop by. I am never disappointed in your posts, and frequently inspired.

I love your ending sentence: for now. So prophetic. So much potential for character and plot building. Yeah ..

Your new sentence is practically a new story in itself. An active hook. I hope at some point you decide what comes after, and post not only this beginning sentence, but the accompanying scene also.


Tessa Conte said...

hehe glad I could be of assistance (I'm guessing I'm the Tessa?)!

Last sentence: Brilliant! Something is clearly over, but there's definite potential there...GREAT!

First sentence: Nice setup, lots of worldbuilding for a single sentence, and conflict, too! Perfect.


Elena Solodow said...

Love 'em both. My WIP ended with dialogue as well. It's quite effective! And the second sentence, well, you've gotta read on after that.

Danette said...

Your opening sentence is quite intriguing! So those monsters are out aye? Sounds like it's time to run!

Dawn Embers said...

Summer - thanks for the fun blogfest. Glad the last umm two words of a sentence worked, lol.

Donna - I have more to read as well. And aww, thank you. I'm glad you like my blog posts and I always like to enjoy your blog as well.

Tessa - hehehe, Thanks. Helps to follow people who post in blogfests and rarely ever forget about when they are.

Elena - Good thing people aren't anti dialogue at the end like they are for first sentences. It wasn't easy. I have so much less practice with endings than beginnings.

Danette - *spoiler* monsters aren't attacking yet, but they might later. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that beginning sentence has a lot of possibilities. Why do they want to keep humans out too? Can humans go the other way, and then not get back??

Thanks for taking part in this blogfest. I signed up late, but I'd love to know what you think of my sentences!

Dawn Embers said...

Kelworthfiles - Thank you for commenting on my sentences. Those are some good questions. Hopefully I'll start writing the book soon and find out. ;-)


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