Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word Count Obsessors Anonymous (WCOA)

Okay, it's not so anonymous because names are involved but readers only know my pen name unless they are lucky enough to find me on facebook. So it's almost anonymous for me. What am I talking about, oh yeah, I need to explain first.

I was joking on twitter about how I obsess about word counts and I asked if there was a word count obsessors type of group available. Naturally, one of my friends suggested that I start one. Seemed like a fun idea for at least one post so here it is. I'll post a sign up for other authors that want to join me and there will be too options.

(Thanks to AVPergakis for making the image. Check her out on twitter under that name too!)

Option 1: Weekly posts for the terminal/serious cases of WCO (aka word count obsession). Post once a week, on wednesdays about word counts. The topic can be a rant about how hard it is not to count words or it can be a posting of word counts. Once a week, I mean, look at the word counts, with the goal of not looking at word counts every day or even every couple of paragraphs *guilty*.

Option 2: Once a month check ups. This is for the ones who are less concerned about word counts but still a little too obsessed than they should be. Or for the one who wants to only worry about word counts once a month (which is insane!). Post once a month on a wednesday about word counts.

Will we learn from this and avoid counting words? Absolutely not! We'll just have days we can go overboard and talk about word counts solely in a blog post cause we're cool like that. But maybe some of us *cough*ME*cough* might learn not to check word count every new paragraph.

Sign up here:


Tessa Conte said...

LOL omg great idea!!!

I totally obsess about wordcount.

Sash said...

heh I'm in. I totally obsess about (non-existent) wordcount, too.

It went so far that during NaNo I was checking wordcount EVERY B+#*$§ sentence! Extenuating circumstances, seeing as it was NaNo, but still....

Obsessive R us. Or me, rather.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Tess!

Sash - Welcome. I am always bad in NaNo. Think we'll try a once a day instead of week during nano though won't need to post every day. Good to see I'm not the only bad one with word counts.


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