Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tessa's Bday Bash (late)

Yeah, this is very late. Sorry Tessa! and a Happy Belated Birthday.
Check out the festivities that occurred like two days ago on Tessa's Blog

Since there is already a birthday scene in the Cinder Story and I'm super late so don't have time to write fiction for this entry, I'm just going to post pictures I found online. I would love to know how to bake and design fancy cakes. I've tried a couple of times so far but need to figure out the fondant and the whole baking really good cakes. The hard part is that it's hard to practice and eat healthy since I won't know what to do with all those cakes. lol

So, these are cakes I wish I could make and have look as awesome as they did on

1. chocolate with strawberries

2. Simple but delicious looking chocolate cake

3. Pretty cakes with multiple layers (look faeries!)

4. Fancy designs like cameras and other sculpted cakes.

5. Rainbow!!!

6. Super cool designs and multi-layers.

This is a super late post and a late birthday wish but I hope Tessa had a great birthday and even got to blow out some candles before eating a delicious cake.


Jessica Lei said...

Those cakes look too good! Especially that first one. I'd LOVE to make it.

Dawn Embers said...

They do. The strawberry one might be the easiest and sounds delicious. mmm cake

if only it didn't have calories


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