Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WCOA week 1

Didn't do much word counting this week because the only writing I've really accomplished is for a contest on that requires 15 minutes of writing per day based on image prompts. The word count on the items doesn't matter as long as about fifteen minutes or more are spent writing them. Even short poems are allowed. So far, no poetry from me but the last few entries have been longer and I placed second one round so far.

Thinking about MarNo already. (March novel writing month) Last year I wrote 67k even though my first goal I think was only 30k for the month. It's the most I've ever written in one month thus far. However, I"m thinking this year I don't want to worry about word count. While I've written over 50k three different months in the past, I have yet to actually start and finish a single novel in one month, even the YA (since the YA took 2 years from start to finish). So, instead of picking a word count goal, I'm going to try and write The Border (YA dystopian novel) in March.

10k weekends is a fun challenge started by Weronica, and I've sort of taken part in them, though not much yet. I also am doing 25k challenge this week with a friend. So, I haven't really started yet but once I get going it will be really hard not to check word count every paragraph. Hope I can handle it.


Donna Hole said...

I consistently tell myself that I will write more during a week. I schedule time off from the day job to do just that.

I never make it. The more time I schedule to write, the less I do.

Maybe I'm overthinking things :)

Good luck with your word count.


Dawn Embers said...

Good to know I'm not the only one. Plus with all the other writing stuff that isn't my novel it can be hard sometimes. Hopefully I can get this novel done asap but it will take me actually writing. lol


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