Sunday, November 14, 2010

100th blog post

I started this blog back in March. Hard to believe I've had it less than a year and I'm close to having almost as many blog posts and followers as my first blog. I know that blogfests are a big part of both numbers, which is one of the few reasons I try my hardest to take part in them. But why start a second blog?

It really started when I decided to test on WordPress as a potential blogging source. Even though I didn't have problems with blogger I figured I'd give it a try and in doing so came up for the fun title "it's in the book" even though I know i"m not the only one to think of it since "itsinthebook.blogspot" was already taken. While I love having the "Dawn Embers" blog, which is just my pen name cause I haven't thought of anything better or clever to call it, I wanted to have a place for my personal writing. So, I separated the two. I didn't like WordPress as I couldn't even figure out how to get a background on there and that led to me having two blogs on blogger.

March 17th 2010 - First post made. It is a boring introduction post but the first none the less.

The next two posts jumped right into the topic of my writing as I posted about why I have two series involving genetic mutation and then discussed some of the novels I was or planned to work on. Maybe in a post in December I'll go back and compare the progress I've made on the novels discussed back then and the new ones I've started over the year. Later on, in the next month, I have a 2010 goal post so that should be interesting to reflect on in a future post as well.

Among those posts there also was a plethora of blogfest entries. Although my first blogfest entry was posted on my other blog, the majority has been here and most are well received. The ones that aren't well, it's hard to tell because they are ones with limited comments but that's okay. I still enjoy sharing my work and enjoy all forms of comments when they are left behind for me to view.

August 5th - Post 50, Change Blogfest
(It's post 50 if I'm counting correctly.)
Evidence of the impact blogfests have had on my personal writing blog is the fact that post number 50 was the Change blogfest. Hard to believe that 50 posts ago I was already using Cinder Story for blogfests (then again the nanowrimo prep added a lot of posts in one short month).

Speaking of October. I had 28 blog posts in that month alone, which is even more than I had in my other blog but that's partly because I posted individual prep work here while the assignments were posted once a week on the other one.

The 100 Posts at quick glance:
During these 100 posts I've shown different excerpts from a few different novels and the occasional short story attempt. There have been a few character introductions that even included images found online. I made a confession or two. For a little while, I even had a slight schedule going where I posted "monday muse" topics on mondays and "work in progress" reports on wednesdays. October showed the method I've come to use every year in preparation for NaNoWriMo and now we're at December and the wonderful 100th post. It has been quite fun sharing my writing and knowing that others are reading, even for the times that no comments are received. I am glad I came up with this second blog and don't mind the work it takes to do more than one at a time. And considering I've had this blog less than a year (whereas the other blog I've had up for almost a year and a half now) it almost has as many followers and blog posts as the other one.

The future of the blog:
Don't worry. There won't be many changes yet for this blog. I may try to find a new template to use because I have had this one in particular for a rather long time. Maybe I'll get someone to teach me how to make some links work on the page so I can have a few pages instead of just the one blog page. Maybe if I ever get a book picked up by an agent or publisher, then the blog will have to make a few changes but for now, things will stay the same. I look forward to the year anniversary in March. And if I get 200 followers, another giveaway.

But for now... Back to the regularly scheduled programming.


Loralie Hall said...

Congratulations on 100 - that's awesome ^_^ Here's to many many more!

Donna Hole said...

Congrats on the 100th post here. My what an adventure you've had in bloggerland :)


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