Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo WIP Wednesday

Hello wonderful readers! Since I made it to 50k a few days ago, it seems fitting to post an entry from the portion of the novel near that wonderful 50,000 word mark. This is a section that includes the 56 words that brought my word count total up and over 50k. Woot! Enjoy the mess that is a nanowrimo first draft.

Excerpt from the NaNoWriMo novel: Gathered at Dawn

Once he had washed off his face, Daemahrath left the water indicating that Feyn could use it to get the powder from his face too. He moved over to a small table and began to flip through a stack of papers adding to the ones already there with a few items that Jateau had managed to pilfer that night over dinner, which increased the amount gained from the earlier journey the short human had made through the village. When Feyn finished washing his own face, Daemahrath handed him a paper and indicated for him to sit down on one of the beds. Daemahn also sat down on the bed as he asked, "Can you look this one over and see if you can interpret what it says?"

"Sure." Feyn took the paper and sat on the bed next to but not too close to Daemahn. He spent a few moments looking at the signs and written script on the page he'd been given. It looked familiar but it wasn't easy for him to recall among the few languages he'd learned before leaving the woodlands on his quest. But there didn't take much longer of time passing for him to recognize a few key terms and one of them happened to be the groups planned destination. "It mentions the Fort here," he said pointing to the word. "But there isn't too much on this one. I think it's logistic information about the fort: the strengths and potential weaknesses. I think this one over here is an estimate of the forts population. It's a bit small though."

Daemahrath took a break from his own papers to look it over. "The Fort doesn't have a large population and even fewer of them will be capable of fighting. They are known for handling a much larger attack compared to their military because of their location and the build of the fort." After taking another couple of minutes to examine his own page he took the one out of Feyn's hand and tossed it on to the bed. He moved a little closer so that their arms were touching and the page that was in his hand then was displayed in front of them both. "Do you see what I'm seeing? Or am I reading this wrong?"

A little uncomfortable at the warmth that he felt when Daemahn settled up against him, Feyn had a slight distraction before he could focus on the paper and question being asked. The script was a little different than the one he'd just looked over and the numbers on the one in front of him were very different. These numbers were larger, much much larger and it wasn't until he got to the end that he realized why Daemahn had sounded concerned and asked for a second opinion. He took a deep breath before giving his opinion. "I don't know exactly what you see but I'm guessing that you are probably right. I think these are army numbers for the overlord and he is planning to have that number of them attack the fort."

"I was afraid of that." Daemahn said. He fell silent, still staring at the paper and not moving away from Feyn's side.


The Name Is Ashelynn said...

love. <3 also: congrats on getting 50K! :D

Loralie Hall said...

Very cool. I'm psyched to see the whole thing :-D I love how you're weaving certain elements together.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks you two. :-) Glad someone likes it.


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