Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Muse NaNoWriMo

It wasn't easy but I've found some pictures to use as inspiration for NaNoWriMo. Of course, this is after commenting on a blog that I wish I had some. Oops.

The novel as described on my nanowrimo page:

A young elf leaves the safety of his forest village in search for a lost race of elves.
When he finds the lost city of elves, instead of finding the actual race of elves in the rotting city, he runs into a different type of elf. The new one is from a village of dreamers that left the woodlands in protest of the annihilation of the magic race of elves that had once ruled the lands. That encounter brings him into a battle agains a villain who is currently against the humans but may come after the elves in the future.

First are landscape, village, and other setting pictures. All found either on google or weheartit.

Then there is a battle near the end.

A couple of attempts at character, though they aren't very accurate. It's hard to find elf pictures that I like, then add the female dwarf and argh...

Lookie. I has a temp cover and a banner that someone made for me on the nanowrimo web site. Yay! It's not very epic/high fantasy speaking but it's way better than anything I could ever do. I like having an image for it at least.


Tessa Conte said...

Very cool!

J.C. Martin said...

Some haunting settings there! And I love the picture of that brooding elf!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks. :-) They are fun, especially for the cursed abandoned elven city.

Michelle Gregory said...

love the pictures. nice to have them when you're trying to write epic fantasy.

Donna Hole said...

Oh wow; those would inspire me too. That would be awesome if you get to keep the cover art.



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