Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snack Bar

I have a small trove of snack and quick fix food items that I've hoarded away in the computer room where I've been doing most of my NaNoWriMo writing. Thought it would make a good post to share some of the snacks with you all, so you can see what bad food I eat while writing this crazy epic fantasy novel.

No, most of the candy and stuff in that picture is not what I snack on but I liked the picture when I did a google search for snacks. But my food isn't really healthier by any means. So... here is a list of the top snacks I am using to fuel me through 100k in NaNoWriMo 2010.

1. Fruit Snacks

Gushers ("sour" kind is the best)
Fruit Roll Ups
Fruit by the Foot
Mario and My Little Pony gummies

2. Coffee and Creamers

regular coffee
caramel starbucks coffee
white chocolate caramel mocha creamer
gingerbread creamer
chocolate creamer
any other kind I buy

3. Ramen type stuff

top ramen
cup of noodles
yaki soba (haven't tried yet)

4. Microwaveable food

bean&cheese burritos with 
cheese & ketchup (yes i'm weird)

easy mac
instant rice
Other stuff like that.

5. Soda

Pepsi Max
Coke Zero
Diet Pepsi
Diet Coke


Maria McKenzie said...

You won't starve:)!

Elena Solodow said...

So great. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

lol awesome :)

You can never have enough pepsi or coffee variety!


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