Monday, November 29, 2010

10k In A Day Challenge

Hello. Yes, I didn't forget about posting from yesterdays challenge. While the goal was to write 10,000 words in one day, I didn't get very far. I did finish the section I'd started back on the 13th but I didn't get close to the goal for the day. My total word count was just over 1200. Some is better than none so I'm at least happy to have the scene finished and my novel now has 51,500 words in it. Only 49k to go.

Here is the scene from what I wrote yesterday (no editing): 

A knock on the door caused them all to twitch. The voice of the innkeeper through the door, "Is everything alright in there?"

Feyn almost spoke but caught himself just in time. He'd forgotten in that first second the innkeeper was expecting only female voices since the one male he knew was in the room had remained downstairs. He looked at Daemahn for what to do next and was given a signal to remain quiet.

Daemahn looked to the two humans, a slight moment of desperation followed as he tried to indicate one of them should say something but it couldn't expose the two elves. Luckily for them both, the smaller human gave in and responded.

"Everything is fine. Please give us our privacy as requested."

They waited a few moments in silence to ensure that he was gone. Daemahn rested his back against the door and listened during that time while the others in the room looked around in awkward moments barely holding any glances with the uncomfortable nature of the current situation. Once they were certain they could speak again, the conversation continued.

Gretchen spoke again, taking over the humans side of the conversation as Feyn almost expected. "Why should we trust you elves?"

It was a question that confused Feyn. He didn't understand where the new found animosity came from between the humans and the elves. While most of his travels had been uneventful even though he rarely received a very warm welcome, there were a few times when he'd been asked to leave or even chased from a location because of this insecurity that had developed. And he had no idea why it even existed. If his people had rarely ever left the forest then why would the humans have this idea that all elves were out to get them? And why did the village have a sense of danger for the elves as well? It was uncomfortable along with confusing that he hoped to one day figure out.

"Considering where we are and the situation," Daemahn spoke again, his voice still in that unnerving calm tone. "The real question is why should we trust you? You up and walked into our room, trespassed and are a threat to our safety. Why are you here and why should we believe you?"


Loralie Hall said...

Yay for more blurbs! I'm really enjoying what you've posted from this so far. Excited to see the finished product ^_^

Charity Bradford said...

Congrats on the Nano win! Intriguing stand off you've got going here. Can't wait to learn more.

J. D. Brown said...

Ooo now I want to know what the humans and elves are doing together in a room to begin with! :D

Even though you didn't reach your 100k goal, you still did amazing! Far better than I did.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks All. :-D

Loralie - hehehe, yep. Maybe I'll post one more closer to the end or two. Maybe one from the elf place and one from the fort. Still have another 50k almost till I reach the end though so ya gotta wait.

Charity - Thank you. The character interactions are going better than I expected.

J.D. - yeah, didn't post the scene before where the two elves are dressed up as women. hehehe


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