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Hot Kiss Blogfest (m/m)

Kiddies go to bed. ;-) Just kidding. I won't post the dirty part, I promise. But this is supposed to be hot, and I hope I accomplish that much. Because it's a Hot Kiss blogfest. The host, Tara, originally planned to have it on valentine's day but after another kiss blogfest was announced for the same day she decided to move the date. Check out her blog for the other entires:

About the blogfest:
"1. this blogfest tests your skills on writing a hot kiss scene without the sex. Of course, if it leads up to that, that's fine.
2. scenes can be up to an R rating
3. scenes are to be posted on February 27th, 2011 at 8pm PST.
4. It can be as long or as short as you want.
6. HAVE FUN. go nuts. Go wild. :-) and remember...keep it H-O-T!!"

This is a tough pick because I already posted a really great kiss scene from my romance/erotica novel, Hellenic Distractions, for the Kiss Already blogfest. I considered picking another scene from that novel since there are plenty of kisses and naughty stuff. Or there is the novella/novel that I'm working on right now that my fan really loves, which doesn't have a title (unlike me, I know). But I decided, just now, why not post the new scene I wrote. Okay, not all of the scene because it was for the Weekly Quickie contest on, which means it's an erotic scene. But the kiss went pretty well. Oh, and if you read this, I know I need to change one character's name but I'm too lazy right now. lol

I don't know where this could go but for now, here is the kiss.

(Image from: Josh @ weheartit)

My Entry:

Talking on the phone in a public art museum probably wasn't the most respectful option but not many were there so Lee answered when it rang.

"Yello?" Lee tried to at least not talk too loud but the one other guy in the little blue room with white and gray paintings gave him a glance of surprise. After several minutes of listening, Lee shook his head. "It's not that easy. I can't go up to a random stranger and ask if they want to sleep with me. I'm in Philly and unless I know for sure the guy is gay, I'm not risking getting beat up for a random fling. Besides, I'm not that lucky."

"You're lame too. Bye." He closed the phone and put it back in his pocket. He couldn't help but glance at the one person who had probably overheard his conversation. The man looked to be a couple years younger, more like 24, with thin wire glasses that worked well with his short blond hair. He wore a sleek black jacket over pinstriped shirt and green pants.

"Sorry about that." Lee said, in reference to talking on the phone. He turned his attention back to the different paintings in the room until he heard the man mumble something. It almost sounded like the man said, "I'd do you."

When he glanced back over, the man immediately blushed as he immediately looked down at the floor. It was cute so Lee figured 'why not' and walked over to him. He offered a hand along with an introduction. "I'm Lee."

"Riley." He shifted his weight from left to the right before shaking the offered hand. His hand was a little clammy and he bit his lower lip after letting go.

"So, your place or my hotel room?"

The reaction that came next was amusing as Riley blushed, his mouth fell open and words struggled to come out. "I.. I didn't.. you..."

Lee smirked. This was more fun than he had expected it would be from the start of the conversation. After a moment of the most awkward silence he'd experienced before, he gave a different question. "How about this: do you know where I can get a good cheesesteak sandwich? I was told to try them since I'm in Philly."

"I do." Riley nodded, flashing his teeth as he smiled.

"Let's go." Lee led the way out of the museum with Riley close behind.

A couple hours later, Lee stood outside his hotel room, card key in hand and a nervous looking Riley standing next to him. After opening the door, Lee addressed him. "Thanks for dinner. Do you want to come in?"

All Riley had to do was nod before Lee gently tugged on the front of his jacket, pulling him into the room before shutting the door. He pressed his body against Riley until they were against the door as one hand slid from his chest up to the door while the other found its way into his soft blond hair. The scent of sweet peppers lingered, which was more pleasant than he would have expected. It reminded him of the moment in the restaurant when he'd watched Riley take a bite of a Philly cheesesteak, the cheese dripping down below his lower lip. He wanted to kiss him then but had managed to control himself.

Their foreheads pressed together as Lee looked deep into light hazel eyes, a delightful moment before he tilted his face to the left a nudge. He breathed in deep, then pressed his lips against Riley's.

Lee was gentle at first, reserved. Mouth closed, he focused on how their lips touched, experiencing the top lip, the bottom one and then both together. He trailed from one corner of Riley's mouth to the other and back again. Aching to push his tongue in, to experience the electric sensation of the moment a kiss deepened in erotic bliss, it wasn't easy holding back. He managed to wait until the sensation of tingled wetness from a tongue sliding against his lips begged to pull him in more, to deepen the kiss. His lips opened and achieved the wanted moment as Riley's tongue first slipped in and their tongues brushed together. Encouraged, Lee pulled harder, his tongue dominating as he hungered for more.  Fingers dug into his back, dragging downward as a shiver shot up his spine...

My Apology:  I have to stop here because if I go much further this blog is going to need a new, more adult rating and I really don't want that. So, I am going to do something I haven't before. I am apologizing. Sorry for building up such a scene and stopping before it's done.  I might be able to show people who are interested the flash fiction version on that has what happens next, though the kiss isn't as good there because I was limited to 869 words for the whole story. If I expand it, this kiss definitely goes in. But for now, sorry for the harsh emptiness after the build-up of a hot kiss. The whole thing needs expanded, and despite not needing another potential umm novella, this may become one.


Tessa Conte said...

NICE!! And I love the phone conversation, lol. Who on earth called him and told him to sleep with someone?? That was a GREAT lead-in!


Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - Thanks. I could have mentioned the prompt was "stranger in a strange land" but forgot. Glad you liked it.

Loralie Hall said...

Awesome kiss. I loved your description of the moment itself, the reserved kiss building into more. Great moment ^_^

Dawn Embers said...

Loralie - Thanks. I'm glad you like it even thought there aren't many comments. Figured you and branli would like it. ;-)

Tara Fouts said...

that was HOT! You know, I've never read your stuff before :-) GREAT ENTRY!

Dawn Embers said...

Tara! - Great to see you. YOu haven't read my stuff before? That's hard to believe considering I posted in your blogfest before but I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't read my romance/erotica stuff before. The rest is on WDC. ;-)


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