Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Kiss Already! blogfest

Time for the Just Kiss Already blogfest and I'm excited for this one because it can be any type of kiss but involves that moment with characters where the reader is frustrated. They want them to kiss but it hasn't happened yet. But in this blogfest, I promise it is going to happen.

Blog Host: Christina Lee @ and Stina Lindenblatt @Stina's Blog

About the Blogfest:
"On February 14th (Valentine's Day), post an excerpt from either your own work, or another's authors work you admire (give them credit, though), beginning at 7 am EST. *But* make sure the excerpt is no longer than 250 words (it's tiring to read long excerpts). And if there's an intro to the scene, please, keep that short too!"

I wanted to do Cinder for more blogfests but these kiss ones just don't work. I'm not ready to write when Jack and the prince character kiss. Maybe next year. So again, Tessa has to wait (and whoever else likes Jack and the cinderella novel I've been writing through blogfests). So, I decided to go with an excerpt that I cleaned up from my first draft of a romance/erotica novel called Hellenic Distractions. Some info you need to know. Alex is the main character. Tyson is his best friend. He loves Tyson but pretends he doesn't through most of the book because they dated when they were young and he got his heart broken. After 2/3rd of the novel, this scene comes and I hope once I've revised, it will be a "kiss already" type of moment. I tried to keep it close to the recommended word count but I didn't actually count. Oh well.

My Entry:

Alex shut the door, giving a devilish grin. “Okay. What seems to keep you from getting someone into bed?”

“I don’t know.” Tyson moved over, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Every time I get even close, I keep thinking and...”

“You are thinking too much.” Alex jumped to the conclusion. He pulled Tyson up, placing himself between Tyson and his bed. He brought his hand to run it through Tyson’s soft hair. “You need to think less with this.” Alex said as he rubbed his temple.

“Let me guess,” Tyson laughed. "I should think with what is in my pants?"

Alex smirked as he brought his hand down to rest on the edge of Tyson's pants. It was a little surprising that no attempt was made to move his hand. “No. You shouldn’t think too much with that either. There are two places that you should think from when it comes to passion.”

“Oh really?” Tyson seemed to be trying to figure out what Alex could possibly be suggesting but didn't seem to come up with the solution on his own. “And what might those two things be?”

Alex moved his hand up into Tyson’s shirt slightly above his stomach. “Right here is one; your soul.”

“My soul?” He laughed as he put his hand over Alex’s, over his shirt. “So, my soul is in my diaphragm.”

 “Yep. The next one is a little north.” He moved his hand up farther, placing it over his heart. “This is the other one.”

Tyson’s hand followed up, pressing Alex’s hand against his chest. He didn’t respond, but instead closed his eyes for a minute.

Alex moved closer, pressing his body up to Tyson’s. Having his eyes shut was an advantage and so he brought his mouth next to his ear and started to whisper. “You have the possibility for so much passion if you let yourself.”

There was a pause as Tyson listened. Then he turned his head and caught Alex by surprise. Their lips brushed together lightly at first before both pressed further into each other.

Only a secondary thought passed through Alex’s mind, that they shouldn’t be doing this but he couldn’t stop. He wanted Tyson and now that was coming true.


Sophia Richardson said...

Man, Alex's hand going from Tyson's pants to his bare stomach to over his heart, if there hadn't been a kiss after all that I would have been seriously p*ssed. I imagine Tyson would have had something to say, too if Alex had pulled away. How can something so right be wrong? Very cute/hot scene!
- Sophia.

Elaine AM Smith said...

That was a romantic line in seduction ;)

Tessa Conte said...

Awww.... that was lovely! Well worth not being Cinders (thoug I would like to read more of that, too, of course ; P )


Margo Benson said...

Wow! So hot! I love the first line - straight to the point or what!

Loralie Hall said...

This was such an awesome build-up of tension, especially considering the topic they're discussing. Great combination of innocence and seduction all in one ^_^

Tracy said...

I think I love Tyson. In a moment such as this and he can come back with a line like "so, my soul is in my diaphram" how do you not love someone with that sort of sense of humor?

Melissa said...

So,my soul is in my diaphram - best line ever!!

Dawn Embers said...

Wow. Thanks everyone for such great comments.

Sophia - hehe... don't worry. I would only do something like that for the "no kiss" or "almost kiss" blogfests. Not this one.

Elaine - ;-) Glad you like the line.

Tessa - Good to know it was good enough. I'm trying to get a Cinders entry. Maybe for "that's my idiom".

Margo - Straight to the point indeed. Good to see I made a right decision starting it there for the blogfest

Tracy - Tyson has his great moments and this is definitely one of them. I like this scene for him.

Melissa - *grins* one of my favorite lines too.

Loralie - *hugs*

Sash said...

*swoon* omg this is lovely!!!

"so my soul is in my diaphragm" LOL

Great setup (or rather buildup) to the kiss! Touches, teasing, and then... awww.

BTW the photo might have been a little misleading (as is the "I" pov) but my kissers are two guys, too, lol.

Dawn Embers said...

Sash - :-D Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked it.

Melissa Dean said...

Great one! You really had me in the moment with your characters.

Come check out mine if you have time at

Dawn Embers said...

Melissa - :-) Thanks.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I think it was what he whispered that got me the most. Great post. =)
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Dawn Embers said...

Raquel - Good. That is a good spot. ;-) I'm proud of that moment too.

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

Great job with characterization. I learned a lot about both characters in just a few words. I agree with Melissa, I was in the moment.

Wendy Sparrow said...

I liked the "My soul is in my diaphragm" line too. :)

Great scene!

Dawn Embers said...

Andrea - Thank you. I like my characters so it's always nice to hear that the characterization in a scene really works.

Wendy - Glad you also like that line. :-)


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