Friday, February 11, 2011

#Randomfest Entry

Howdy all. I really like this blogfest as it comes from the super mind of Loralie and her blog, She is awesome so check out her blog along with the others who are taking part of the blogfest. Too see the blogfest entries go to this post:

(If looking for YAmore entry, that will be posted this afternoon. 2 blogfests on one day.)

I have two entries. Why two? Well, the first is one I found in a notebook from high school and in all honesty, I'm not sure if I wrote it or my friend Micah did. We were in Academic Decathlon together and we could have written it together, or I could have written it or maybe she did. It does read as nonfiction but I obviously had some fiction element attempt planned or she did. Something like that.

And the second entry is all mine but I know nothing about it. Even though I've started writing paragraphs for each idea I get so that I won't forget what the idea was, this is an exception. Somehow, on my idea stickies note, there were only three words written for that idea.

Entry 1: Random story started in notebook during senior year Academic Decathlon
Author: Me or maybe Micah Brandt
Title: The Gift of the Moon God

For thousands of years the Indians, Pueblo of South America, live in part of Central and Eastern South America. Now they live principally in Paraguay. The word "guarani" means warlike and before the 16th century the tribes were fierce and bellicose. But after the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in the jungles of Paraguay, the Guaranies converted into a peaceful town and industrious. Although Spanish is the official language of the Republic of Paraguay, the language Guarani speak with much frequency...

I had great vocabulary skills as a teen. Wish I still had them. Need to read more.

Entry 2: Random idea I know nothing about from 2010

Gods in training

Who is the character? What is the plot? Which Gods? I have no idea. Where did the idea even come from? No idea either because I don't even remember writing it.


Summer Ross said...

Neat! Its amazing how we forget what we were thinking with these. Thanks for posting and have a great day!

Loralie Hall said...

LOL - love them both, especially the indepth notes on the first versus the short blurb on the second ^_^

I just realized I linked to the wrong blog for you when I fixed my linky tool...I'm off to correct it right now and thank you for participating :D

Tessa Conte said...

heh. GREAT randoms you've got there! I particularly like "gods in training" - sparks many many ideas of my own. (don't worry I'm not using them)


Dawn Embers said...

Summer - Thanks for commenting on my entry. It is funny when we forget things and have to try to figure it out later.

Loralie - lol. Which blog did you have? It gets confusing sometimes with all my blogs so that's okay. Figured you'd like them as I know you'd heard the gods one before.

Tessa - you can use the Gods in Training if you like. I have 60 other novel ideas so I really don't mind. Not to mention I have no idea what to do with "gods in training". lol

Sarah said...

Funny how writing ideas down gives us permission to forget about them. :/

Kate Larkindale said...

funny how we can write something so small and expect to remember the thought. It never works. Especially if you don't come across the thought again for another two years...

Dawn Embers said...

Sarah - So true. One would thinking writing it down means remembering it but that is not always the case.

Kate - Indeed. That's why I started writing paragraphs instead. Yet, somehow ended up with three words that I don't remember writing and it hadn't even been a year since it happened. lol


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