Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smitten Blogfest

Held from Feb. 1st - 14th. Thanks Sommerleigh! This is a great idea.

About the blogfest:
Sommerleigh at her blog,, is the wonderful host and had a very interesting idea. From the blog:
"I want you to tell a story about love lost, love found, love almost was, love never could have been, but I want it to be your story. I want you to share a tiny piece of your heart with the world. The length is up to you, the style of storytelling is up to you. Tell it in pictures if you like. Tell it in art. Tell it in prose or poetry or essay or a piece of 15 word micro-fiction. Whatever you like."

This is a new and special treat for everyone who reads this entry. It's not a fiction story. That's right: no Cinder, mutants, angels, demons or even gay male characters.  This is going to be a true story told in the style of creative nonfiction. Mine is a tale of unrequited love.

Fate at the Movies

Dawn stood on the street corner as the sun started to go down. Looking at her watch, she sighed, crossing her arms over her large red t-shirt. Kyle was late as usual. The movie didn't start till 7:30 but they always planned to meet at 7 to get popcorn and a good seat at the small town's one-screen movie theater. She looked up in time to see a thin blonde wearing a mini skirt walk up with her arm looped with a tall boy. The girl looked happy with her makeup covered face shining as she laughed at something the boy said. Watching, Dawn tugged at her red shirt to pull it down past the waist of the dark blue jean shorts she had on. She wished her stomach could be flat like the girl's.

"I'm here." Kyle announced. His hands up in the air as he struck a pose.

This made Dawn smile. Boys at school always made fun of him, called Kyle gay but she didn't care. He was a really good friend. All summer they went to the movie every friday, the first day each movie was shown. She joked with him but she never minded waiting. "It's about time."

They joked around for another minute and then headed inside. The line was a whole three people long, which was long for the small town's movie theater but it was Friday night. After a ticket was bought, which cost a whole 3 dollars, they moved over to the next line: the concessions one. They managed an idle chat while they waited for the person in front of them to finish because there was only one boy working with the drinks and food.

The minute Dawn stepped forward to the glass case of candy, she froze.

Behind the counter, a short male stood looking at her, waiting for her order. He was a few inches taller than Dawn, which was really short. His hair was blondish with an odd curl for such a short length and his eyes were a perfect blue. A small name tag pinned to his chest displayed a name: Frank. After a moment of silence, he smiled at her, his eyes shining as he said, "Do you want anything?"

"Oh, umm," Dawn snapped back to reality. She felt a blush start to form in her cheeks. "A medium popcorn and coke."

She couldn't help but watch as he scooped the popcorn and prepared the cup for her soda. A strange feeling of deja vu crawled through her mind and down her spine. She knew she was staring but she didn't know what else to do.

Even during the movie, when she was safe in the dark room with the screen flickering humorous shows, all she could think about was him, his eyes and the feeling.

What happened?

Well, nothing. I met him again in high school where we became friends as we were in band, choir, speech, and drama together. Eventually he went to college and a year later I graduated and went to college. There was always a strange connection between us that I couldn't label. One point I tried to get a tarot reading online and the person ending up reading things about him instead of me. I got over the "crush" while in college and even pulled up the courage to tell him once that I had a crush on him in high school. He had no idea.


Erica said...

That's a bit of fresh air, now isn't it? Bravo for demanding some real vulnerability from us! It takes guts to share our fictional work with the blog world, but most of us keep hush-hush with out own stories. My boyfriend and I started dating when we were 16 and 17 years old, that's almost 6 years now. I think I may just do this one!

Dawn Embers said...

Erica - Thanks. Have to give props to Sommer who is hosting the blogfest. I usually have a hard rule on writing about myself but I decided to make an exception to that rule. You should join, it's fun.

Sommer Leigh said...

Wow thank you thank you for sharing such a great story! Erika is right, it takes real guts to post a little about ourselves but I love it in little doses especially when we all spend so much time wrapped up in fiction.

Thank you for participating. I really enjoyed this story.

aspiring_x said...

awww shoot! i'm sorry it didn't pan out- but that tarot card thing is FreAKY!!! congrats!!! :)


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