Monday, February 28, 2011

Title Suggestions Needed

Yep. I'm asking people to suggest titles. Chances are I may combine or randomly come up with a different title but it's always interesting to see what other people would suggest. So far I've called this book "dystopian ya" (yeah, just the genre, not an actual title) and then started calling it either "border patrol" or "the border" but I don't really like either of them. I also considered "monster speaker" or something of that nature except it feels like it gives too much away and I try to have titles not give away important parts in the end of the novel.

The border is important in the novel. It's kind of like a fence only a magical/science technology one that keeps the monsters from invading most of the time. And they are starting to weaken though most of the village doesn't know the extent of the problem. But it's sort of boring when it comes to titles. There are two main characters, both boys. One is from the village in the mountains and the other shows up in the village, one of the first (along with his "family") in a long time to ever make it into the village since the outside area from the border is too dangerous for travel.

For now, the village boy is named Wyck, after the wick of a candle. A name his mom chose and she died when he was young. The new boy, one I have more idea for at the moment, is called Sage. I'm not completely set on names yet but they are growing on me. Wyck keeps to himself usually, not even talking much with his father after losing his mom. Sage is new and different, so not many are willing to approach him.

The village is ran by a woman whose title I haven't figured out yet. She controls pretty much everything and whether she's really bad or just doing what she thinks is best for the village is hard to figure out. Aside from the regular village stuff, she often instructs the border patrol and picks which of the village boys will be put on it once they have reached a certain age. But she angers the leader of the patrol, Wyck's father, when she orders the underaged Sage to the patrol. There are three borders, technically. One in the middle of the village, one encircles the rest of the village (or what they think is the rest of the village) and the one after that. The Patrol works between the last two, searching for monsters and fixing the border whenever they can though the materials needed are running low.

It's about a time of struggle where a village is kept ignorant of the danger that is going to one day break through the border and a boy who possesses abilities none other have anymore that know one can understand.

I posted images linked to the novel on a Monday's Muse post.

And I wrote the first line of the novel for a blogfest.

Have I rambled enough yet?
Have a title idea?

I am open to suggestions.


M.P. McDonald said...

What are other names for borders? Boundries? Crossing Boundries? Invisible Fences? As you can see, I suck at titles. lol

Roza M said...

Fences of Creatures...

picket fences of the dark...

Susan Kane said...

The Walls of Wisdom? Sage=walls=borders
Bound by Borders
Lighting the Wall

Good story premise. look forward to seeing it come to fruition. Susan

Sophia Richardson said...

I guess I would be pretty unhelpful if I said I liked 'Border Patrol'? It immediately makes you wonder if the border is to keep something in or out, and then you have to ask who are the patrollers?

As for suggestions, how about 'Walking/Toeing the Line'? That has connotations of someone who obeys 'the rules' who possibly decides to change that, suggests an authority figure, and implies the borderline.
- Sophia.

Dawn Embers said...

Wow. Here I was hoping in the next few days I'd get 2 comments and there are already 4. I really appreciate ever single comment and suggestion.

M.P. - hmm Good idea. I did that once with umm, oh one of my novels. I don't remember which anymore, I might have too many started, lol.

Roza - thanks for the suggestions. I like the dark as maybe part of it, but trying not to have fences. Good ideas though.

Susan Kane - :-) Thanks. This is a story my idea person really loves. It's very different than anything I've done before, so I'm excited. I'm really liking "lighting the wall" and maybe that could be part of fixing it since Sage has magic abilities to do such. hmmm

Sophia - no problem. I still am considering the border patrol one. The other is interesting though they don't often obey per say. My issue would be when I see "walking the line" I think of that movie, walk the line. lol

Susan Kane said...

I'm glad the one title appealed. I love the idea of the book, and find Sage very appealing. The name 'Wyck' is also intriguing. Susan

Ren Thompson said...

Border Vigilantes
Wasn't that some old Hop-Along-Cassiday movie from the forties? I'm sure they won't mind.

Donna Hole said...

Title suggestion: Between Wyck and Sage

I get the idea of The Border as a major character in the story and I hope you "make it so" :)

Not knowing much about the novel though, its hard to pick a title. Like the first line, the title should be reflective of the overall concept of the novel.

The monsters and the border are obstacles for the MC's to overcome or use. But I'm getting the sense there is a life lesson for the boys; a growth experience that tests their resolve to both their community and to each other.

Is there one thing you'd like the reader to take away from this reading; some moral lesson about courage or committment, or questioning the establishment when its obviously flawed . .

YA usually has a lesson that can be used in everyday critical thinking. Perhaps there are more than one "border" in this story. The obvious border that keeps the "monsters" out; but what kind of monsters are you talking? All demon nightmares, or are some of them unjustly trapped, or trying to make their exile a better place? What about cultural and class boundaries on the "right" side of the wall? What barriers separate the nobility from the serfs, the scholars from the laborers, teachers from soldiers; those in the cities from those in rural or outland territories . .

There are so many different ways of referring to a border.

I suck at Titles too. My first novel has the working title NOT HER MOTHER'S FATE, but has been labeled Book 1 practically since its inception.

Good luck Dawn. I know you'll find the right title. This sounds like such an exciting novel.


Dawn Embers said...


Ren - hmm, I have no idea. Maybe have to google it.

Donna - thanks for the suggestions and long comment. Wow, you had a lot of great things to say. I once had a novel title after the main character, Ephram's Defiance, but that is now Tattle Tell because I felt the first one gave too much away. Since this is a first draft, I'm really starting to develop the story and understand the deeper meanings, even more than I did when I posted.

Issues I didn't mention are things like: ignorance forced on a small village. The monsters are a looming threat but they aren't often actually seen. There are secrets, including one about Wyck's mother. And while the breech that happens is a big part of the overall climax, I am starting to see that the changes of Wyck as a character (and the truths that Sage learns about himself) are the real focus.

I'm sure once it's written I will have an easier time of finding a title. Just hate not having a good placecard one for the first draft.

Thanks everyone who made suggestions. I appreciate them all.

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Dawn Embers said...

Anonymous - I used the options that blogger had available for the layout and images. No one else helped, so it was just me using what the blogging site had to offer.


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