Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile. I haven't been working as much on my novels as I should either. There are 4 blogfests coming up this month, so there will be plenty of posts with writing, so no worries there. Just need to figure out how to stay unstuck in my WIP.

After the 15 for 15 contest ended, won 3 days out of 15, which is better than any other attempt I've made. Then I've been entering friends erotica contest on Writing.Com, which is fun. I actually won first place one time so far. That is always nice. Novel wise, progress is slow.

I have been trying to get Tattle Tell done so I can edit and send to beta readers. I said I would send it out in March, but I haven't finished the second draft yet and will need to take a tiny break before editing. This ending is going to be tough for me and it took me a long time to get done the first time around. And the biggest problem hasn't come up yet. I don't know what type of punishment the government agency would do.

Slight problem since it's at the height of the conflict in the novel. Kind of important and needs solving asap. I am not there yet but it's coming up soon. He has only had one bad thing happen so far but he's about to fall down the mountain in the plot metaphor I'm going for, lol. Poor character. I need ways to torture him and it's not my biggest strong suit. So, I struggle a bit.

Hope to still get it done by March because I'm going to start writing a dystopian YA and I am so excited to start yet another one.

Need a good title for the new one too. Right now it's either "The Border" or "Border Patrol" and both kind of ummm suck. Will ponder after I finish Tattle Tell 2nd draft.

How is your WIP doing?
Starting any new novels soon?


Elena Solodow said...

Just started a new novel on Monday. I'm in that I-have-no-idea-where-this-is-going phase. It's exciting.

Dawn Embers said...

Elena - The new novel feeling is exciting. I like being a pantser and having that feeling of no idea where the story could go for sure. It's fun and an adventure.


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