Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Climate

I know that it's a little early for a worldbuilding post since I usually do those on Wednesday but I think that this is a good time to talk about Climate.

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What is Climate?
According to Dictionary.com, climate is "the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years."

Why is Climate important?
While we don't want our characters incessantly talking about the weather, climate is important to the world they live in. The climate will have affects on many different aspects from fashion to transportation, from architecture to temperaments, and from animals to landscape. Because climate encompasses so many things (temperature, wind, precipitation, etc) and over a long period of time that not only can it be necessary but also a bit time consuming so one has to draw the line how much detail they put into the climates for the world of their story.

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In My World
Oh goodness glaciers! Just thinking about the idea of figuring out the climates of the worlds in the story is a bit daunting. This is going to be a substantial undertaking because the story involves a lot of traveling and the way the different places are connected or not connected will have an impact for sure (which means I've got to deal with physic's issues as well, among other things).

The "countries" or "places" (I haven't decided what to call them exactly) are kind of like worlds. Some have expanses of space between them with a way for an air ship to travel to them. Others have land connections, water and/or land travel and such. So the layouts of the lands in the story will correlate with their climates. Once I know the main ones, I'll be able to write out the features of them including climate but I haven't gotten that far. It's something I am definitely going to think about and will have this post to look back on for a few links to use.

Do you figure out the climate of your world when worldbuilding?
Does the climate come up when writing the story?
What do you think?


Francene said...

Climate had a huge impact on my current futuristic story. I've written four books with a co-partner about the distant future in a small part of Corn World, Britland. (England) At the start of each novel, we've included a diary excerpt. Now, I'm writing the woman's story as she watches a the climate change when a comet falls to Earth. The hardest part is to work out how.

Dawn Embers said...

Francene - That sounds interesting. Thanks for commenting on my post, I really appreciate it. Climate change is an issue to tackle and also consider, good idea.

Stephanie said...

I love to world build, and as a result I love to create maps and figure out the climate for each part of the world. The climate then influences the story. Character's living in a mountain forest will face very different challenges from living in a desert. Climate even influences culture, and religion, which adds another layer to character development.

A novel I plan to work on in the future, when I finish my current series, will involve major climate change devastating several countries.

Dawn Embers said...

Stephanie - I sometimes am envious of those who love to worldbuild. I've never really done it until recently so it's all new to me. It's true how climate can have such a big influence. Good luck with your future novel.


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