Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Romance

While I do write a lot of stories where the romance includes erotica, I think that it's important to remember that there is more to a m/m relationship besides the physical side. And that is something I think some people fail to realize when they think about gay relationships. Even in court there sometimes is a focus on what the two would physically do but there is no mention of the romance or relationship in general.

On there is a romance newsletter every week, and I keep hoping they would do one that discussed gay romance because there are ways to approach the topic that wouldn't be over the rating system they have in place.

I'd like to be able to find more books in the store that have the romance (and some that don't show the erotic parts at all) because those books I would like to read.

Here is the end of a scene from the fae story I'm worldbuilding. I wrote a short story for it based on a prompt from and now am expanding since I didn't have the word count allowed to put in all I want. Throughout the story each character has his own moment where he realizes he has feelings for the other. I think before this bit will be when Talon comes to the conclusion. Though they won't actually say anything to each other about it till the end of the book.

From the short story, Selling Starlight:

"We won't for long, but I wanted to show you something. Look up at the stars." Ashpine reached up, pushing to his toes as his hand moved up beyond the soft glow of the small light they had available.

He didn't get the point but reached up anyways but there was nothing to grab. Even at such a high point the stars looked small and out of reach. "Okay. So no one can reach the stars. If you're trying to prove it to me, don't. I get it."

"Lie down." Ashpine also did as he instructed Talon to do, sinking down to have his back against the stone platform that made up the roof. "Just because you can't catch and bottle the light, that doesn't mean you should stop reaching for the stars."

Even though Talon understood what the suggestion implied, he couldn't find the hope his small vial of pretend starlight once embodied. "If always out of our grasp, then what is the point?"

The expected quick response instead came in the form of silence. He turned his head, the cold surface smooth and calming against his cheek, to look at the fae yearning for some type of answer. He needed something, anything more than empty reaches. And a gentle smile certainly wouldn't satisfy his need.

Ashpine reached over, grabbing Talon's wrist and pulled it up away from the surface they both rested upon. His fingers slid between Talon's and combined they reached towards the stars, together. "The point is... this."


The Red Angel said...

Whoa this makes me want to read moooore! The dynamic between the two characters is so great. I have to be in the mood to write erotica, which isn't very often haha. I definitely agree though - it's important that romance novels capture all sides of a relationship between two characters, not just the physical. Sex definitely sells but if that's all there is in I feel the characters would come across as not very deep or complex.

~Wendy Lu

The Red Angel Blog

Stephanie said...

The relationship between these two is really well developed in this scene.

Have you read any of Megan Derr's novels. Some of her stuff is explicit, but I've found in all of her work, the relationships are beautifully developed.

Dawn Embers said...

The Red Angel - Thanks for the comment. It is true, that sex may sell but there needs to be more.

Stephanie - Thanks. I haven't heard of Derr but might check her books out.


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