Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kanwal

Kanwal is part of the name of a female character that I'm working to develop. The post for G has pictures and music from her novel. I am still working on the rest of her name because it doesn't sound very feminine to me but it's not a name I see often. But I liked the meaning of the name: Water Lily.

(image link)

The real reason I'm bringing up Kanwal is to discuss a character challenge I signed up for on that starts on the 15th. She is one of two characters I will be using. The Character Sketch Challenge is the title and it's going to involve daily prompts for 20 days to work on character development. The round I joined is also a special round because the prompts will all involve music.

Character 1 = Kanwal. She is a teen, thinking 16-17 ish. I haven't decided so should figure that out soon. She has lived in the US, her parents are either from the Middle East or their parents moved to US from there.

Character 2 = Octave. Male adult. His story is a sci-fi one, there is a metal/robotic thing on one of his arms (hard to describe what I saw in the dream so need to work on that). He was created but doesn't find out till part way in the story.

It should be interesting, spending days using different prompts to help develop compelling characters. I look forward to the challenge.

How do you create your characters?


Loralie Hall said...

The challenge sounds like a blast. Would you send me the link?

As for how I create my characters...they start by just kinda popping into my head :-D But after that, I love writing a series of short stories to get to know them and flesh them out before I plot them into my novel. Great post!

Dawn Embers said...

Loralie Hall - email sent over on WDC. ;-)


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