Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Highlights

Last month I posted on my other blog about my editing process, or at least the one I'm trying out. I have never really done a full edit on a novel before so figured I'd give this method a try. Here is the post:

These are a couple of screen shots. The words aren't really legible from the screen shot but the highlights are visible. And all of the chapter pretty much look like this with some spots less colorful than others. Some of the highlights come from the editminion site but a good portion are things I found and want to fix.


Here is one where there is a yellowish tag that means there is a note that is attached. I can make a note on something that I want to change or develop further. See... This one has less highlights, hehe.

How do you edit?
Are you a fan of highlighting?


stu said...

No. In fact, when using MS Word's track changes feature to edit other people's work, I always turn it onto final view (no mark up), because it is how things end up that matters, not what changes you make.

Shadows Express Managing Editor said...

Generally, I don't use highlighting. I always make a new item when I start any changes, this allows me to compare to the original. When content editing, I start at the beginning, and go to the end, looking for any issues with continuity etc. When copy-editing, I start with the last sentence. Checking it for grammatical errors, strength etc. Then I go to the second-last sentence and so on until I get to the first sentence. This means I am looking first at the strength of the story as a whole. Then when satisfied with the remaining sentences, I look at each sentence individually, to enhance it. Finally, I put it all aside for a day or two or more. Then I take a fresh eye and reread it. If it still needs work, I continue the process.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them.

Stu - How things end up is very important. I don't know the MS Word features. Right now I'm using Scrivener.

Scribe - (hehe I know that's you, *winks*) Thanks for the great comment. Right now I'm doing a combined content/copy edit cause I don't have a lot of big content things to change. At least not that I'm seeing this round but we'll see what the beta reader says.

Dianna Fielding said...

This sounds like a good idea. I really enjoy the track changes thing in Word, especially for making notes or pointing out was is and isn't good (and then they can decide whether to actually agree with your suggestion!).

Great blog post. Good luck with the challenge!

Arlee Bird said...

I should probably try this method if I can figure out how to do it. I tend to edit as I go and then go back and clean up as I read back through. I'm not so hot at meticulous editing.

I think a lot of your visitors would appreciate it if you disabled word verification on your comments.

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Dawn Embers said...

Dianna - I might have to look into that track thing for Word. Thanks for the comment.

Arlee Bird - Thanks for the comment. I completely forgot I still had that up on this blog since I don't have it up on my other blog. Thanks for the reminder.


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