Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Angel

Last year, I did the A to Z challenge on my general writing blog instead of here because it made sense to talk about different writing aspects on there and I wasn't sure what I'd do on this blog, but this year, I'm going to be crazy and do both. So, with the letter A, I naturally went to a novel of mine that I'm in first draft writing that I call Angel/Demon because I don't have a good enough title for it yet and the novel is about an angel and demon falling in love.

Angel, aka Elijah

Although he's not the pov character in the beginning of the novel, he is one of my favorites. While the demon is pretty fun guy (and nice which is part of what makes him different), Elijah is even greater because he is supposed to be this pure being in his afterlife, but his past still follows him and he sure wasn't innocent back then. His teen years he not only came out as being gay early on but at first figured he was screwed Hell wise so just did whatever he wanted (and whoever). After getting caught up with a group that forced him to prostitution and such, which lead to him being diagnosed with AIDS. So, probably not a typical angel for a paranormal romance. And even as an angel he is gay.

In the story he is a mentor for those who struggle with some of the issues he did when he was alive and helps them through it all. He also works part time at a coffee shop. But things don't change a lot for his afterlife and he starts to feel apathetic, which isn't good either. That is what leads him to the club and where he meets Lucas.

He has a small group of friends, mostly angels and the humans he watches over. He also has darker features. I wish I could find better pictures to use for inspiration but it's hard. I did find one picture I really like related to this story. The one in the coat who looks like he's really cold, that is the Lucas (his hell is cold since they live in Detroit). Elijah is the one who despite the snow has no problem, he is strong and comforting to the other.


Angeline Trevena said...

That sounds so interesting. I write a lot about angels, particularly ones that don't quite fit the idea of purity.

Sash Conte said...

I believe I've read a bit about this WIP before? I know I like the sound of it!!!!

Happy A-Z!

Dawn Embers said...

Angeline Trevena - Thanks. Angels can be fun to write, though there are a few already out there. I still love the idea of the not quite pure, though the villain angels I have a harder time accepting.

Sash Conte - hehe Hi. You probably have heard of them before. I posted about the story a little on here. Happy A-Z to you too!


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