Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Inspiration

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Ottohahn skimmed the ivory keys of the piano with his finger tips, not pressing down hard enough for them to create any sound but his hands didn't stop moving. He struggled to hide his discomfort from the girl watching his every move. Emily Clemence sat on top of his mom's piano. No one was supposed to be on top of the wood surface, but then again he wasn't supposed to play so often either. However, since it seemed to impress a girl, his father allowed it.

Emily stared at the ceiling. "Hey, piano man, I have been wondering. Could you make up a song for me?"

That made his fingers stop. The only songs he was allowed to play were the classical pieces he'd already let her hear. Sure, he'd made up a number of them in the past but alone with no one to hear. So, he stalled trying not to give in. "Oh, I don't know. Music is just a side thing I do and I don't think I can make up something."

"Oh come on. I can be your inspiration." With a lilt in her laughter, she pulled her shirt up exposing her stomach. Across one side of stomach somehow she had managed to draw piano keys. "Does this help?"


Just a flash piece from my young adult novel, Ottohahn in E Minor. I am only 25k in but I'm hoping to have the inspiration to finish it some time this year.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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