Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Aim

Welcome to day 1 of the A to Z blogging challenge. And we are off to a great start with a post that  I picked for it's connection to goals since I like to post goals at the beginning of each month. So, today I'm writing about Aim. If you don't know about the challenge, and if you're here I'm surprised if you don't know, but here is the link:

Aim is important. Whether it's finishing a novel, shooting an arrow, or trying to lose weight, having aim can make a difference. And that's another way to say goals. We make goals in order to aim for them. Sometimes we miss, sometimes we hit the target but not quite the right spot and sometimes we get that bulls eye.

 I missed some goals from March, hit the target on others. Time for a new set of goals.

April Goals to Aim Toward

Finish reading 2 books
Edit 4 chapters
Write 10,000 words in novella
Lose 4 lbs
No fast food

What are your goals for April?
Do you have Aim?
Welcome to my Blog.


Melissa Arezzi said...

Good luck with your goals! I would love to read two-4 books this month. I've been waaay behind on my reading. I broke my ereader and turns out I read much more with it than reading paperbacks. I'll check back to see how your goals are going.

Melissa @

Stephsco said...

Great idea to combine reading, writing, and fitness goals. I'd also like to trim a few pounds which I believe I gained revising my own novel! It's tough to find that balance sometimes.

Here is my "A" post for the A to Z challenge: A Girl and her Diary

Sandy Campbell said...

What a cute post!! I have good aim! I always set my goals and so far so good. Reading: 8 books this month. Writing: Review my bulging notepad and get something down! Work: Find a job!

I aim to do much, and know when I go to bed at night what I accomplish the following day. I am to please!....myself! Ha

Dawn Embers said...

Melissa Arezzi - Thanks. I haven't actually used my ereader yet for reading. I should probably do that.

Stephsco - Thanks. I will try to check out your post (and others) after work.

Sandy Campbell - Thank you. :-) Good luck with your goals. I am perusing for a second job too cause I really could use a new car and to not be barely making rent and food most of the time. It's not an easy challenge. I hope you find something good and make your other goals too.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Aim is important! Can't hit a goal you haven't set.

This is my first year co-hosting the Challenge, so my goal is to perform all of my duties above and beyond.

Dawn Embers said...

L. Diane Wolfe - Thank you for the comment. Good luck with your challenge. I can't imagine being one of the hosts, as I have a hard enough time with two blogs. lol Hope it's a good month.


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