Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Edit

Writing topic time again. I started editing one of my novels back in December. In fact, the only reason I let myself take part in NaNoWriMo in November was because I promised that I would start editing in December. I only managed to do a a chapter or two at the most in December. Editing is... tedious.

We are in April now. Am I done editing the novel? hahaha... no. Yet I don't dislike editing. It's just taking me a long time.

I have made it all the way to chapter 15, which I'm editing right now. However, I still have to do the edit notes for chapters 16-25 before I can edit them. It's slow but I am over half way done editing the novel, which is a big step for me. This is my first novel edit. I've done rewrites and first drafts, but never an edit on my own work (have been an editor for others writing though). It is proving to be a different experience.

I have also noticed something strange with this edit. With each chapter I'm adding anywhere from 200-900 words. Yeah, my novel is getting longer with this edit. Sounds wrong doesn't it?

The reason for the increase is in part it's a rewrite. I'm changing the tense of the novel, from present tense to past along with fixing some wording. I do a lot of deleting, don't get me wrong. I delete sentences and even whole paragraphs. But I also rewrite things and add some details that were missing. But it's okay. The second draft of the novel was only 50,000 words (first draft was 23,000) so even if I add an average of 400 words a chapter, that will just make it a little longer and closer to the desired word count. Still it's a strange phenomenon when it comes to this first edit.

Next novel, the adult mutant one, however, I imagine it won't involve an increase in word count. Since it's already 90,000 words long, it'd better not get another 10,000+ words from an edit. It's my next edit focus, after I get this one done and of to a few beta readers, who I still have to find.

So, in short. I'm editing. It's going slow but I hope to have Tattle Tell ready this year and I can't wait for that day when it's done.

Who is editing?
Do you enjoy editing or find it difficult?

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