Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Water

Water is a good step when on the road to healthier living. One of the first suggestions people make when asked about steps towards losing weight or general health, often times that one suggestion is to drink more water.

Benefits of Water:
1. maintain body fluid levels - since our bodies are about 60% water. The liquid/molecules are used in many different processes such as digestion, circulation, nutrient transportation, and many more.
2. calorie control - replacing calorie filled drinks with a glass of water is an easy way to cut back on a daily intake.
3. energizes muscles - without liquid balance the cells in the muscle start to shrivel and leads to muscle fatigue. Drinking water when active, during and after exercising in particular, is recommended.
There are other benefits too. Check out this source for more information:

How much to drink per day:
These numbers are still debated even though there are some general recommendations. The numbers also vary based on the individual, along with different factors like location, humidity, gender and such. I still remember the 8 glasses with each one that is 8 oz per day. Other recommendations include 9 to 13.5 glasses of water a day.

I try to drink water but some days I don't get enough. But I'm going to try again in May to get enough per day.

Do you drink water?
How much do you drink on average?

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Jan Newman said...

I go for the 8 8-oz glasses of water a day -- mostly water, also other drinks. And food has water too, some more than others.

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