Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quit

Quitting can be a good thing. Sure, sometimes it can be bad, quitting on things when we should have kept going. Like that novel that never got finished because you quit for no reason. But there are other times when it's good to quit and even though it takes different strengths on personal levels, we can in fact quit the things we don't need.

Smoking - one that people complain about all the time. First, I get why people should quit smoking. But I have to say all the anti-smoking commercials, billboards, pressure, just makes me want to smoke. It's so annoying at times. I have smoked from time to time when things got a little stressful, but I have stopped just as easily. But it was never because of one of the advertisements telling me to stop. And I could pick it up again if I felt so inclined, as it's easy to get started again doing that, but for right now, I don't smoke. I want ot be healthier and I didn't smoke much to begin with so there is that.

Excuses - This is one I am trying to figure out. How to quit making excuses and what constitutes as an "excuse" as opposed to a decent reason to struggle. I don't want to make any situation harder when that is unnecessary. Sure, there are some good reasons that get in the way of health or finishing novels, but a good part of it more is on personal decisions and priorities.

To me, I guess I see it as a difference between giving up and quitting. To quit is a stronger action, taking will power and self control to quit something. Giving up is more of a things got too hard or I'm too overwhelmed so I just give up.

Is there anything you want to quit?
What would you never give up on?

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