Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Bacon

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Bacon has many facets of deliciousness. Whether it is in crazy decadence or even the pleasant morning protein boost, there is often room for bacon. Cupcakes, chocolate sundaes, vegetables, steak... there are so many things that have been made even more delicious by the addition of bacon. Even bacon wrapped bacon sounds wonderful, lol. As a food item, it is very well used in many areas and finds its place on the plate for good reason. It can even be useful at times for those focused on health.
I have only purchased and cooked bacon in my apartment once, and by that I m r an that I got to have bacon for about a week and a half as I cook for just me. It was wonderful and delicious. Aside from those with cultural or religious reasons to avoid bacon, there are few who need to avoid it. Many can't eat it every day either, but it makes for a nice bit of food some days.
On average, with slice let and thickness varying, three slices of bacon can add up to around 9 grams of protein for just over 125 calories. Not a bad little addition to some meals or dishes. I am not a big food in the morning type of person since I stay up late and don't get up early, but having bacon was a nice little treat on those mornings. Plus, the apartment smells really good after bacon has been cooked. Reminds me a little of my great-grandma, who would save the grease/drippings and cook other things in it later. Mmmmmm
While there isn't always a need for food specifications in fiction, there are times when having a "bacon" can be beneficial for world, cultural development and/or character. Maybe they have been traveling and come across a farmer who shares a morning meal with them in exchange for something. Or a local festival could include a type of food that is both overly appreciated or deemed sacrilegious to consume depending on which segment of the population the character is part of in a town scene. Or the character could just be hungry and the smell of it cooking Dr was them in or bring two slightly opposing characters together. There are many possible options out there to be discovered and savored.
It doesn't have to be actual bacon either. Is there a type of food that some populations worship while others dont? Dragon meat could both be a dietary supplement and a restriction depending on the point of view. It is all a matter of how you write it.
Do you like bacon? Is there bacon in your fiction world or do they have something else that is equivalent?

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Stephen Tremp said...

i like a couple slices of bacon now and then. But that's all. I never saw the fascination some people have with it.


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