Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Music

Music is great for almost everything. It can inspire and motivate to continue. For me it also sparks the interest to write and by having a playlist, I can associate songs to particular novels. I also have found certain songs work for certain lifts at the gym as well. I wonder how many other people picked Music for M over in the A to Z blog challenge..


I make playlists for my fiction writing. I have too many to list in fact and I've posted probably 3 or more blog posts over the years about the playlists, so I will just post a couple novels and songs that are specific to them (or artists and such).

Snow - Evanescence and Within Temptation, in particular The Howling

Aeon Fading - Help, I'm Alive by Metric and No Light, No Light by Florence & the Machine

Standing Ground - Second Chance by Shinedown

Every novel has at least 5 songs if not more than 10 on the playlist, which I listen to whenever writing that novel.


I make playlists for fitness activities. I have a variety too with a couple that are for walking, one is more rock/alternative and the other is a much shorter pop one. I have a musical playlist along with a disney one, which needs more music. I also am now building running ones which will probably be a rock focused on and an alternative.

Good running songs include: Help, I'm Alive by Metric, The Howling by Withing Temptation and Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses.

Good lifting songs so far are things like: Scream by Avenge Sevenfold, Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpion and from Jekyll & Hyde the musical both This is the Moment and Alive.

Do you use music for fiction or fitness?


Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, I am a new follower. Just stopped by from the challenge to say hi. I make music list for walking and running, but I am not one who does the same for writing. I can't explain it , but music really distracts me while I'm writing. It's probably my severe ADHD.

I read that you are a writer still searching for the right path. I'm searching with you. Best of luck to you with your novels.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Fun blog! I especially like it because I am also a writer (fiction) and a personal trainer (fitness). :)

I don't use music to write, unless I'm trying to drown out the sounds of the household. In that case, I'll turn on something classical or jazzy, without words and lyrics.

For working out, I must have music if I'm on the treadmill. I put together playlists for the pace I want to run/walk. It's the only thing that gets me through a tough workout.


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